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Why Do Diesel Generator Sets Need To Be Cooled

Sep. 14, 2021

Regardless of size or function, diesel generator sets have one thing in common-they all generate heat. Because most diesel generator sets have many conductors, when current flows through the conductors, all conductors will generate heat. This heat can accumulate quickly in the system and must be properly removed to reduce the risk of damage. If the heat is not properly discharged from the system, the winding will quickly be damaged. Many problems may arise, including clearance and balance problems. However, diesel generator sets can significantly reduce heat through various cooling systems.


1. Air cooling system.

After understanding the value of cooling generators, it becomes very important to understand how the best air cooling system works. For air-cooled systems, there are two main cooling methods.


The first is the open ventilation system. Here, the air in the atmosphere is used with an exhaust system. This allows the air to be released back into the atmosphere. It sucks in air and pushes it back into the surrounding area.


The second is a closed system. As the name suggests, a closed system can maintain air circulation. It can circulate air. When it does so, the air is cooled, which in turn keeps the generator cool.


Air-cooled systems have some limitations, including the risk of overheating. However, air-cooled systems are mostly limited to small standby and portable generators, each of which can generate up to 22 kilowatts of power.


diesel engine

2. Liquid cooling system.

Liquid cooling systems, sometimes called water cooling systems, are another option. There are many types of liquid cooling systems. Some use oil, while others use coolant. Hydrogen is another cooling element.


The liquid cooling system is equipped with a water pump, which delivers the coolant around the engine through multiple hoses. The heat from the generator is naturally transferred to the coolant, cooling the unit. This system is particularly suitable for large generators.


A key option is the hydrogen cooling system. These are also used in large generators. The hydrogen used in them has high thermal conductivity. This allows these systems to dissipate heat at a faster rate. Therefore, they are suitable for large systems that cannot be effectively cooled with other coolants.


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