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Why Do Diesel Generator Set Cylinders Have Cracks And Wear

Aug. 31, 2023

The equipment failure types of the standard cylinder of the generator set mainly include the deposition of scale on the outer wall of the cylinder liner, the pit corrosion of the wet cylinder liner, the stretching of the standard cylinder, cracks, wear and so on. This paper focuses on the causes and adverse effects of standard cylinder cracks and wear in diesel generators.


1. The main reason for the cracking of standard cylinders of diesel generators.


(1) The quality of manufacturing or materials is not up to standard, which is usually called counterfeit and shoddy products.


(2) Improper operation, such as insufficient water during the operation of the diesel engine, so that the water is cut off and the temperature of the diesel engine is too high. In this case, if the cold water is suddenly added, the cylinder head suddenly shrinks coldly, which will cause cracks, or when the diesel engine is overloaded for a long time, the mechanical load and thermal load will also cause the cylinder head to crack.


2. The adverse effects of the standard cylinder crack of the generator set.

After the standard cylinder of the generator set is cracked, it often brings more serious consequences.


(1) If the crack leaks and the cooling water enters the standard cylinder, there will be a water cushion phenomenon in the standard cylinder, resulting in a top cylinder accident (small water compression, high piston pressure), bending the connecting rod or damaging other components of the internal combustion engine.


(2) It leaks into the crankcase, mixes with oil, destroys the lubricating performance of the oil, and causes serious accidents such as tile burning.


3. Measures to prevent cracks in the cylinder liner of the generator set.


(1) Strictly follow the operation procedures to control the equipment.


(2) Ensure that the equipment is cooled normally, and it is strictly prohibited to overload for a long time.


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The main reasons for the damage to the standard cylinder of the generator set:

Damage is the most important type of failure for standard cylinders of gensets. The main key to distinguish whether an internal combustion engine needs major repairs is the degree of damage to the standard cylinder. Therefore, exploring the reasons for the damage of the standard cylinders of the generator set and grasping the periodicity of its damage are of great significance not only to check the damage degree of the standard cylinders of the generator set, but also to take effective measures to reduce the damage to the standard cylinders of the generator set and prolong the service life of the generator set.


The damage to the standard cylinder of the generator set mainly has the following periodicity:


(1) Tapering along the dimension means that the standard cylinder is damaged along the size, and the damage is larger in the active area of the piston ring, the damage is uneven, heavy and light, so that the standard cylinder becomes tapered along the size. At TDC, the standard cylinder wall is slightly lower than the first piston ring, the minimum damage to the bottom of the standard cylinder, that is, the standard cylinder wall outside the piston stroke.


(2) The standard cylinder is damaged periodically along the circumference. When the cylinder block is in normal operation, from the point of view of the standard cylinder plane, the circumferential damage is uneven, some aspects are large, and some are small, so that the standard cylinder cross-section loses its roundness. The largest part of the standard cylinder cross-section damage is the standard cylinder wall and the connecting rod swing on both sides of the standard cylinder wall.


(3) There is almost no wear above the piston ring, and the standard cylinder shoulder is built above the standard cylinder without touching the piston, and there is almost no wear. After a long period of operation, an internal combustion engine builds up a distinct step above the first piston ring, commonly referred to as a standard cylinder shoulder.


(4) For a multi-cylinder engine, the damage of each cylinder is inconsistent, mainly due to the operating performance index, cooling strength, assembly, etc. of each cylinder.


The periodic damage of the standard cylinders of the above four generator sets seriously affects the performance indicators of the internal combustion engine, that is, the loss of taper and roundness, and the piston is damaged within a certain range. The normal cooperation between the piston ring and the standard cylinder prevents the piston ring from pressing on the wall of the standard cylinder, resulting in oil leakage.


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