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Why Diesel Generator Oil Deteriorates So Quickly

Sep. 27, 2021

Generally speaking, the oil of a diesel generator should be changed after 500 hours of operation, but the oil sometimes becomes thinner before changing the oil, and impurities increase, and it cannot be used continuously. Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will share some reasons with you.


Why does diesel generator oil become faster?

1. The oil part number is wrong, and the quality does not meet the standard requirements. Diesel generators that are pressurized and whose rated speed exceeds 2000 rpm should use oil of grade CC or above.


2. Diesel generators have poor technical conditions, with channeling, oil leakage, excessive matching clearance or excessive oil temperature.


3. Diesel generator sets usually operate at low temperature, low load, and low speed. The piston is not deformed enough and not completely burned. The diesel engine enters the oil pan through the cylinder wall to dilute the lubricating oil.


4. Exhaust gas enters the oil tank, condenses into water and acidic substances, and deteriorates the oil.


5. The oil filter element is dirty, and the unfiltered dirty oil enters the lubrication part, accelerating the wear of the parts.


6. The sealing ring of the filter element is broken and internal leakage occurs. Some oil does not pass through the filter element and passes directly through the filter, causing the oil to deteriorate.


Therefore, we need to prevent engine oil from deteriorating.


How to prevent engine oil from deteriorating? There are eight methods to choose from.

1. Check the engine oil level frequently. Check the diesel generator 10 minutes before starting, and check the oil level again after 10 minutes. Pay attention to cleaning when refueling, and check for leaks.


diesel engine

2. Check the quality of engine oil frequently. When checking the oil level, pay attention to checking the degree of oil contamination. The oil on the scale must not change color (unless the oil turns black). When the oil reaches the interval mileage or oil replacement index, the oil should be replaced in time. Multi-stage oil is easy to turn black when used, which is normal. Commonly used detection methods include oil micro-contrast method, viscosity comparison method, determination method and so on.


3. Regularly change the engine oil. Although there is a prescribed oil change period, the diesel engine has different degrees of wear and oil quality. Therefore, different regions, climates and working conditions have an impact on the oil change period. Changing the oil too early will cause waste, and changing the oil too late will cause other accidents in the diesel engine.


When changing the oil, start the diesel engine until its operating temperature reaches the normal value (above 80°C), then stop the diesel engine and remove the old oil in the oil pan and hot filter. If possible, it is best to use a vacuum oil change device when changing the oil, so that the old oil can be sucked clean.


If there is oil stains, remove the old oil stains from the lubricating oil duct. When running, add 60%-80% standard volume of clean oil (thin oil or oil containing 20% diesel) to the diesel engine, start the diesel engine, idling for 3-5 minutes (do not run at high speed), drain the clean oil, and add Clean new oil.


4. Choose the correct engine oil. Reasonable selection of diesel engine oil is an important factor to ensure the normal operation of the diesel engine and the fundamental guarantee for prolonging the service life of the engine oil. In fact, we should choose oil as required.


5. Avoid oxidation or deterioration due to high oil temperature. Ensure that the water cooling system of the diesel engine works normally and avoid overheating. When there is an abnormality in the cooling system, check and eliminate it in time to ensure that the crankcase ventilation device is intact, and regularly clean the ventilation pipes and valves, maintain the oil temperature of 70-80℃, and turn on the oil radiator switch in time to maintain the normal oil level.


6. Do a good job of cleaning. Prevent dust and impurities from entering the lubrication system, regularly replace the oil filter, thoroughly clean the lubrication system, regularly replace the lubricating oil, check the water mixture in the lubricating oil, and replace or add the oil when the cylinder head and cylinder liner water retaining ring become aging and fail or when the cylinder head gasket is damaged, repair rain, snow or other oil in time. When removing the cylinder head, drain the water first. Clean the oil pan for waterproofing.


1. Prevent diesel oil from entering the engine oil. In diesel generators, when the fuel injection pump supplies too much fuel, the fuel supply pressure is too low, and the fuel injection is poorly atomized, the diesel fuel of the fuel injection pump cannot be fully burned, and part of the diesel fuel will flow into the oil pan along the cylinder wall, causing the oil to change. Dilute, reduce viscosity and lose lubrication prematurely. For this reason, it is necessary to regularly check or adjust the fuel injection pump and fuel injector, and replace the worn plunger, delivery valve and coupling in time.


2. Prevent the oil discharged from the cylinder from corroding. In the combustion chamber, the matching clearance between the piston and the cylinder liner, and the valve and the valve guide is too large, which will flush the high temperature and high pressure exhaust gas in the combustion chamber to the crankcase, accelerate the aging of the oil, and form colloids, carbon deposits, and acid harmful substances. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the above-mentioned excessively worn parts in time to restore their normal fit clearance and maintain good sealing performance.


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