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Why Can Volvo Generator Start but not Generate Electricity

Sep. 28, 2019

Why can Volvo generator start but not generate electricity? Today Starlight Power manufacturer shares with you, all the answers are in this article, hope our sharing is helpful to you.


Here is some reasons for reference:

1.After the diesel generator is stopped, the residual magnetism is often lost, because the material used for the magnetic pole of the exciter is close to the soft steel, and the residual magnetism is small. After the shutdown, when there is no current in the excitation winding, the magnetic field will disappear.

2.The magnetic pole of the diesel generator loses its magnetic properties.

3.Damage of excitation circuit components or circuit breakage, short circuit or grounding phenomena.

4.The exciter brush is not in good contact with the commutator and pressure of brush holder is insufficient.

5.Excitation winding wiring error, opposite polarity.

6.Stator winding and rotor winding of generator set open circuit.

7.Poor contact between diesel generator brush and slip ring, or insufficient brush pressure.

8.Diesel generator lead wire wiring is loose or switch contact is poor.

9.The fuse box is fused.

10.The "auto-manual-de-excitation" switch on the control panel is in the de-excitation position (automatic generator set has "auto-manual-de-excitation" switch).

11.The voltmeter is damaged.

12.Rotary rectifier module is damaged.

 Volvo diesel power generator

Methods of resolution:

1.We can have a battery and magnetize it before generating electricity.

2.Magnetize in the winding with a DC current which is greater than the rated current (short time).

3.Replace damaged components and repair faulty lines.

4.Remove the scale on the contact surface, adjust the brush pressure, and fasten the brush holder.

5.Correct the wiring and press the correct polarity to magnetize.

6.Remove the scale on contact surface, grind the brush, adjust the pressure of the brush, and make the brush in close contact with the slip ring.

7.Check and repair the break circuit position.

8.Connect the connector or repair the switch contact part.

9.Find out the cause of the fuse, and determine that the generator itself and the line are normal, replace the specified fuse.

In order to avoid diesel generators failling to generate electricity, here are some ways to check before start up the diesel genset:

1.Measure whether there is real electricity and replace the voltmeter.

2.Put it into automatic or manual mode.

3.Check and correct according to circuit diagram.

4.New generators or long-term unused generators can not easily produce electricity, it can be magnetized by pressing the charge button on the control panel or by using 12V battery to magnetize the excitation winding, the positive pole is connected to F1 and the negative pole is connected to F2. If there still is not electric pressure, we should adjust positive pole and negative pole, then try again.  

5.Clear collecting ring surface, sanding the end face of the carbon brush to make the area of the arc of the collector ring more than 70%, strengthen sparing pressure.

6.Clean carbon brush and carbon brush grip.

7.Check the diode forward and reverse resistance with a multimeter, if it is damaged, replace it.

8.Check with a multimeter, if the forward reverse resistors do not meet the diode characteristics, we need to replace new forward reverse resistors.

9.For diesel generator set, check the winding with 1K gear of multimeter, if the resistance value is infinite, it should be connected. Then check with 1 Ω gear of multimeter, if the resistance value is zero, we should replace or repair the windings. If the resistance value is not stable, check if the connector wiring is loose, if it is loose, need to screw it.


Starlight Volvo diesel power generators are approved by CE and ISO certificates, its quality is very good, maybe sometimes we meet it can not produce electricity, for other brands of diesel generators, they may also have this fault. So this article will be greater to help you to avoid and resolve the fault.


We are a manufacturer of diesel generator sets, our factory was set up in 1974, we have focused on high quality products for more than 40 years, we not only supply diesel generators, but also provide power solutions and technical supports. Welcome to inquire us by contacting sales@dieselgeneratortech.com. 

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