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Why Can Not A Non Supercharger Be Changed To Supercharger

Nov. 16, 2021

Since diesel generator supercharged diesel engines have the advantages of good power and economic performance, and low exhaust pollution, many car owners hope to independently convert non-supercharged diesel engines on their vehicles into supercharged diesel engines. It should be clearly pointed out that this approach is not advisable. The specific reasons are as follows:


After supercharging, the performance of the diesel engine changes significantly, and the mechanical load and thermal load are greatly improved. Therefore, the structure of the diesel engine after being pressurized should also be changed accordingly.


1. Appropriately reduce the compression ratio: Prevent excessive combustion pressure to ensure reliable operation of the diesel engine and extend its service life. However, a too low compression ratio will cause difficulty in starting.


2. Changes in fuel supply system: After boosting, due to the increase in air intake, more fuel can be burned, and the fuel supply is required to increase, at the same time, it is required to increase the fuel injection pressure and increase the diameter of the injector nozzle. In addition, the increase in compression pressure and temperature after boosting will shorten the fuel ignition lag period. In order to prevent the maximum combustion pressure from being too high, the fuel supply advance angle should be reduced, but if the fuel supply advance angle is too small, the combustion will deteriorate.


3. Changes in intake and exhaust systems: The intake of diesel engine cylinders increases after supercharging. In order to reduce the intake resistance, the cross-sectional area of the intake circulation should be appropriately increased. In order to improve the scavenging effect, increase the amount of charge to reduce the thermal load. The valve overlap angle should be increased, some supercharging systems also require that the exhaust pipe be branched to make full use of the exhaust gas energy and improve the scavenging effect. In addition, due to the increase in the working temperature of the valve mechanism parts and the increased deformation, the air valve clearance must be increased accordingly to ensure the normal operation of the valve mechanism.


4. In addition, the lubrication system, cooling system and the structural strength of the main moving parts of the turbocharged diesel engine should be appropriately strengthened. Otherwise, it will seriously affect the working reliability of diesel engine parts.


diesel engine

In summary, the difference between a non-supercharged diesel engine and a supercharged diesel engine is not only the problem of adding a supercharger, but also a series of complex matching calculations and structural changes (such as combustion chamber structure, etc.) and other difficult technical problems. .


The fuel injection pressure, fuel injection advance angle, combustion mode, circulating fuel injection volume, compression ratio, etc. of supercharged diesel engines are completely different from those of non-supercharged diesel engines. These parameters need to be adjusted accordingly when refitting.


Therefore, if it is modified blindly, the effect is not ideal, and the life, reliability, economy, power and acceleration of the modified diesel engine may be lower than the original diesel engine.


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