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Why Are The Cylinders Of Diesel Generator Sets Susceptible To Wear

Feb. 15, 2022

The working environment of the cylinder of diesel generator set is very harsh, which has the following characteristics:


1. The inner surface is directly affected by high temperature and high pressure combustion gas.


2. The ambient temperature changes greatly during the operation. The maximum temperature of the gas can reach about 2000 degrees Celsius, and the ambient temperature of the cold air is only a few tens of degrees Celsius during the intake.


3. The cooling water causes serious corrosion to the outer wall of the cylinder.


4. The reciprocating motion of the piston generates alternating stress, which causes serious wear of the cylinder.


diesel generator set

Because the cylinder of diesel generator set works under the above-mentioned very harsh conditions, it can be said that the cylinder is really in dire straits during operation, and the wear degree of the cylinder is the main basis for the overhaul of the internal combustion engine, which determines the service life of the internal combustion engine. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the wear of the cylinder of diesel generator sets, but the correct measures to reduce the wear of the cylinder and prolong the service life of the cylinder depend on the mastery of the common failure forms of the cylinder and the analysis of the cause of the failure.


There are five common failure forms of diesel generator set cylinders: accumulation of scale on the outer wall of the cylinder liner, cavitation of the wet cylinder liner, cylinder pulling, cracks, and wear. The main components of the scale accumulated on the outer wall of the cylinder liner of the diesel generator set are CaC03, MgC03, CaS04 and MgS04 and other insoluble substances. Its main characteristics are as follows:


1. The main reason for scaling.

The cooling water contains minerals, which accumulate under the action of high temperature and are firmly attached to the outer surface of the cylinder liner.


2. The danger of scale accumulation on the outer wall of the cylinder liner.

(1) The volume of the cylinder liner is smaller, and the circulation resistance increases.

(2) The cooling effect of the water jacket decreases. The heat transfer coefficient of the scale is only 1/25 of the heat transfer coefficient of steel.


3. Treatment of scale.

When the diesel generator set internal combustion engine is repaired, the scale attached to the outer wall of the cylinder head should be carefully cleaned. In order to reduce its impact, the internal combustion engine should use cooling water with less minerals or softened hard water, and try not to use hard water (water with more minerals).


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