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Which Industries Are Commonly Used For Diesel Generator Sets

Jul. 27, 2023

Diesel generator set is a kind of mechanical equipment with strong mobility. It is very effective for emergency power supply in case of power failure caused by municipal power failure. For many industries, stable power supply is very important for their daily operation, especially for industrial enterprises. In any case, no matter what reason, once the operation of the enterprise stops, it will cause immeasurable losses to the company. Therefore, the working equipment of enterprises must have a stable power supply to ensure that it can always work normally. Diesel generator sets are widely used in industry. To make you more clear, Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. will take you to know which industries diesel generator sets are commonly used in.


1. Construction industry.

When construction companies and clients undertake construction projects, they must complete the project in a timely manner. Many projects sometimes do not have electrical infrastructure installed, so obtaining alternative energy is very important. Some things that may require electricity at the construction site include welding, installation, and many other things. In order to successfully complete the construction within the specified time, the diesel generator set will provide necessary power supply and prevent delay.


2. Water plant operation.

Water plants have many important functions that require efficient operation every time. When a power outage occurs in the water plant, many functions will stop operating and the plant operators will not be able to work properly. The diesel generator helps to run the hydraulic device, pump, running fan and other functions of the power plant. After the power outage, the generator restored power within seconds, allowing consumers to continue using it no matter where they are. Especially when the power grid is cut off, these facilities also help to control the gate of spillway from flood.


3. Mining industry.

To succeed in the mining industry, heavy equipment and other necessary tools are required. Most mining sites do not have a power grid, and electricity can also be used when lighting and operating equipment are needed. Therefore, they rely on diesel generator to help drilling rigs, excavators, conveyor belts, cranes, lights, etc. No matter what they mine, it is important to meet the needs of any mining industry.


4. Keep the data center working.

In many fields, data is crucial because most of the information contributes to the operation of multiple institutions. Power outages can lead to data loss and other negative processes, which can have adverse effects on many regions. The diesel generator will ensure the processing, processing and storage of sensitive data to ensure the continuous operation of the data center. The company relies on data centers, and all key roles can operate smoothly without losing any important information that may cause losses.


diesel generator set

5. Production enterprises and factories.

After the interruption of power supply, manufacturing companies and processing plants shut down, and machines continued to operate. The diesel generator enters the standby unit for continuous operation. This is particularly important for factories that use perishable materials to manufacture products. The loss of electricity can cause losses to manufacturing companies, as most of the raw materials will deteriorate.


6. The medical instrument industry.

In the medical instrument industry, the use of diesel generator is the most important. Patients need continuous care, and medical equipment needs to operate 24 hours a day and night. Once a power outage occurs, many patients will be affected. The diesel generator will ensure the efficient operation of medical tools at all times, so that doctors will not lose patients who need machines to survive. They will activate life-saving equipment, oxygen pumps, and other equipment to continue normal operation.


7. Telecommunications tower.

Millions of people rely on telecommunications towers to ensure they can obtain the necessary signals for communication. If the telecommunications tower collapses, the entire area will lose signal and communication will be interrupted. The diesel generator engine will ensure that you can connect with electricity every time you need it. This can help emergency rescue personnel stay in touch with other important tasks.


8. Commercial real estate.

When you are working on commercial real estate projects, you will know how important customers and tenants are at every moment of need. A diesel generator will become the backup of the property, ensuring that your tenants are happy, which will bring you long-term profits. Backup ensures the effective operation of systems such as security systems, ensuring the safety of assets.


9. Hotels and restaurants.

Large hotels, hotels, and restaurants rely on electricity to operate most of their equipment, such as air conditioning, heaters, kitchen appliances, etc. The diesel generator provides your customers with everything they need to ensure that they have a good time in your hotel. All systems will operate normally, and power outages will not cause any losses.


10. Enterprise operations.

All commercial companies need to ensure the normal operation of their equipment to ensure everything runs smoothly. The diesel generator can work continuously on AC power, lights, heating, computers, safety systems and other equipment. In this way, you can continue normal operation and not suffer losses when the power is cut off and the operation is stopped. If there is a power outage in your area, there is no need to stop production.


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