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When Should The Engine Oil Of The Diesel Generator Be Changed

Jan. 12, 2022

Diesel generators have become an indispensable power generation equipment in modern society. When the mains grid fails due to various reasons, diesel generator sets can provide us with continuous and stable power in time. For this reason, regular maintenance of diesel generator sets is very important. It can determine whether the diesel generator set can supply power in time in the event of a power outage. However, many users often neglect to change the oil regularly, which is one of the important reasons why the diesel generator set cannot work normally. So, under what circumstances do we need to replace it? What about diesel engine oil? Follow Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. to find out.


1. After installation and during generator break-in.

Many industrial diesel generators are shipped without any oil in the generator. Industrial diesel generators require an oil change after going through the break-in process because during the break-in period, unwanted particles such as debris are likely to enter the generator system and negatively affect the oil flow to the generator. Therefore, after running in, changing the oil can be used as preventive maintenance to avoid operational problems when using the diesel generator set in the future.


2. After a major failure.

Many problems related to industrial diesel generator failures are caused by oil system failures. If your oil is contaminated and your generator motor is not performing at its best, you may experience power spikes or other interruptions. So if you experience any kind of failure, make sure to test the oil and investigate if it's "dirty" or contaminated (eg full of debris). Also, check the industrial diesel generator's filter to see if it filters the oil properly. If you are sure that the oil is actually dirty, change the oil immediately to prevent any further failure.


diesel generator

3. After a large leak.

If the oil level within your industrial diesel generator reaches a level that makes it unsafe for further operation, the generator should automatically shut down. If this happens, it could be a strong indicator of a serious leak in your industrial diesel generator. Therefore, it is recommended that you fix the leak as soon as possible. It is also important to change the oil after repairing the leak. This is done to ensure that no harmful substances or contaminants enter the industrial diesel generator system and to flush them out before the generator can continue to operate.


4. After the generator is used a lot.

Whatever the reason, the generator's oil should be changed after prolonged use. This could be due to increased production requirements or more frequent failures of the national grid, forcing you to rely on industrial diesel generators more frequently. The reason it is important to change the oil of an industrial diesel generator after prolonged use is that it helps the engine run smoothly and run efficiently.


5. Regular replacement according to manufacturer's recommendations.

To prevent engine failure for oil-related reasons, you should change the oil at specific intervals. To ensure you comply with this rule, it is recommended that you keep track of your oil change schedule and document it. Manufacturers also recommend that pushing industrial diesel generators beyond their specified limits can also stress the oil system and should be avoided whenever possible.


When users use diesel generators, they should determine the oil replacement time according to the usage and environmental conditions, and follow the correct operating procedures when replacing the oil.


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