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What Will Be Caused by Diesel Generator Set Injector Failure?

Jul. 15, 2021

Diesel generator set injector failure is mainly caused by diesel is not clean, wrong maintenance operation, assembly error. The failure in the operation process is: the injection pressure is unstable, the needle valve is calorched, the seal invalidation, etc. Diesel can not completely burn, resulting in growth of diesel power generator fuel consumption, increased power, increased in cylinder, and wear.

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1. Diesel generator set injector and cylinder head binding holes leaks, and oil. If the diesel generator set injector has a carbon carbon in the mounting hole on the cylinder head, the copper washer is not good, and the pure copper plate or other material is used instead of the pure copper gasket, or the thickness of the gasket is not in the requirements, resulting in poor sealing. The diesel generator set injector is leaked with the bonding hole of the cylinder head.

When the diesel generator is installed injectors, the carbon deposits in the hole should be carefully removed, and the copper washer must be flat, and must not be replaced with a stone plate or other material. The injector pressure plate should be installed according to the regulations, and the torque is evenly tightened, and the unilateral bias is avoided when tightened, otherwise the head of the injector will generate air leakage, soil.

2. The spray hole is blocked. The main reason for the boring blocker:

1) Diesel generator set diesel engine long-term placement, nozzle rust, resulting in spray hole semi-blocking or completely blocked.

2) If the fuel is mixed into the same impurities particles, or due to burning is poorly produced, the working time is slightly longer It will be accomplished around the spray hole of the injector, so that the spray hole is semi-blocking state.

3. Diesel generator set injector wear. The wear of the sealing cone (needle valve tapered and needle valve body cone) is due to the effect of impurities in diesel, and the effect of impurities in diesel due to the impact of diesel generator fracture spring. After the sealing cone is worn, the tapered sealing ring is widens, and the tapered surface is deformed, and the surface roughness is lowered. As a result, the injector drops drip oil, and the carbon is formed in the vicinity of the spray hole, and even blocks the spray hole. Diesel generator set fuel oil drops, when the oil temperature is low, the exhaust pipe will incur a white smoke, the oil temperature is increased, and the exhaust pipe will also make irregular discharge. If it stops supplying oil to the cylinder, disappearing without smoking. It can be used to abrasive the tapered surface with a small amount of chrome or lubricating oil, or replace the needle valve doll, and should be cleaned after grinding.

4. The main reasons for the downtimeter set needle valve card are

1) Injector is installed, causing partial temperatures in the injector to be too high and burned.

2) The injector does not perform regular maintenance and adjustment of the injector.

3) Diesel containing impurities or excessive moisture.

4) The cone is not strictly sealed, leaking to the end of the injection of the diesel, causing the injector to burn down.

5) Diesel generator set diesel engine is too high.

Diesel generator set needle valve, If you can't get on the open state, the diesel from the injector nozzle cannot be atomized, causing incomplete combustion, while producing a large amount of black smoke. In addition, the unburned diesel is also brushed to the wall of the cylinder wall, accelerating the wear of the piston ring and the cylinder block. If the needle valve is smashed when the needle valve is closed, the needle valve cannot be opened regardless of the oil supply pressure of the injection pump, and high-voltage voices are generated in the combustion system, or even damage the injection pump component and the high pressure tube.

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