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What To Do If White Steam Comes Out From The Oil Filler Of Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 27, 2023

During the operation of the diesel generator set, smoke or a small amount of steam will be discharged out naturally. Sometimes, abnormal smoke or smoke color does not conform to the normal color. This is generally caused by the unit failure. Sometimes, the unit will also have some abnormal white steam. This failure is generally caused by cylinder leakage and low ambient temperature. In addition, the following reasons may also cause white steam at the oil filler of the diesel generator set.


1. The cooling water or engine oil in the engine oil of the diesel generator set is deteriorated.


2. The inner wall of the unit cylinder liner has sand holes or the cylinder liner is broken.


3. The atomization of the fuel injector is poor, with oil dripping and cylinder leakage.


4. The fuel injection pressure is too low, coupled with cylinder leakage.


5. The ambient temperature is too low and the temperature difference is too large.


6. The cylinder compression force is too low.


7. The oil temperature is high.


diesel generator set

How can users troubleshoot such situations? Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. recommends that you use the following methods to troubleshoot:


1. After starting the diesel generator, observe the smoke exhaust of the exhaust pipe. After 5 minutes, the smoke exhaust is light gray, and a small amount of white steam is emitted at the oil filler.


2. The oil quality of the engine oil was inspected and no deterioration was found.


3. Using the single cylinder oil cut-off method, the working conditions of the four cylinders were checked, and it was found that after disconnecting the third cylinder, the white vapor at the oil port decreased.


4. After stopping the machine, disassemble the fuel injector and conduct an oil pressure test on it. The test results indicate that it is normal, indicating that the fault may have occurred in the combustion chamber or cylinder liner.


5. Drain the cooling water, disassemble the cylinder head, inspect the cylinder head and gasket, and no abnormalities were found.


6. Rotate the crankshaft so that the piston of the third cylinder is at the bottom dead center. During the inspection, it was found that there is a black spot with a diameter of approximately 1mm on the inner wall of the cylinder liner about 4cm from the bottom dead center.


7. Take out the cylinder liner with the cylinder liner puller. A sand hole is found in the cylinder liner. After replacing the cylinder liner, assemble the piston connecting rod assembly, cylinder cover and rocker base, and then adjust the valve clearance.


8. After the diesel generator is assembled, fill the water tank of the diesel generator with water, and then start the diesel generator to about 1000 r/min for 10 minutes. No white steam is observed at the oil filler.


When the diesel generator set is found to emit steam, the user can check the unit according to the above method, which can quickly eliminate the unit fault. If you need technical assistance, please call Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. and we will arrange professional diesel generator experts to give you technical guidance.


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