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What Should We Do If The Diesel Generator Turns Off Suddenly After Starting

Aug. 16, 2021

The common failure of diesel generators is the failure of the fuel supply system, mainly due to the blockage of the fuel supply system. Therefore, the most basic operation of a diesel engine to eliminate oil circuit faults is to exclude three resistances, namely air resistance, water resistance, ice resistance or foreign body resistance. In addition, diesel generator sets spontaneously ignite soon after starting, and the difficulty in starting is largely caused by the air mixing in the oil circuit.


Diesel generators spontaneously ignite soon after starting and cannot start. It can be judged that it is caused by air mixed in the oil circuit. Because the air in the oil circuit has caused great obstacles to the operation, it is difficult to start the unit, or the abnormal situation such as stalling and flameout occurs.


After the diesel generator engine oil circuit is mixed with air, the root cause is that at least one injector needle valve assembly in the diesel generator injector is worn out and the sealing is not tight, causing the combustion gas to enter the oil return system through the injector, resulting in oil return. The system produces a lot of gas. After this happens, if the return fuel of the fuel injector is directly returned to the fuel tank, the direct impact on the operation of the generator set is relatively small, but if the return fuel of the fuel injector is connected to the fuel filter, it will seriously affect the operation of the diesel generator. Therefore, after this situation occurs, Starlight Power reminds you: first check all nozzles, and repair or replace needle valve parts.


diesel generator

Diesel generator starting failure.

1. the common way. Make a few turns on any vent screws on the upper ends of both sides of the fuel injection pump, and tighten the fuel pump with a screw tool or a wrench until the diesel is discharged without bubbles and a squeaking sound. Tighten the exhaust screw again to return the manual oil pump to its original position.


2. Emergency situations can be dealt with specially.

(1) If there are no suitable rotating tools and wrenches around to open the exhaust screw of the fuel injection pump, first unscrew the manual fuel pump, loosen any pipe joints from the diesel filter to the fuel injection pump, and repeatedly press the manual fuel pump into the joint. Drain the bubble-free oil flow, then press the manual oil pump to tighten the joint.


(2) When there is no wrench to loosen the pipe joints nearby, you can repeatedly press the manual oil pump until the low pressure oil pressure between the oil delivery pump and the fuel injection pump is high enough, the fuel will flow out of the overflow valve, and the gas in the oil circuit will be discharged from the overflow.


(3)If you need to exhaust the air in the oil circuit, you can first loosen the vent screw on the fuel injection pump, or loosen any joints between the diesel filter and the fuel injection pump, and then start to drive the mechanical fuel pump to spray out bubble-free fuel at the leak point. At this time, you should tighten the above-mentioned leak points that were loosened, and then start the mechanical fuel transfer pump to spray out the bubble-free fuel out of the leaking part, and then tighten the throttle.


With the continuous improvement of the performance of diesel generators, the related oil circuit system components are becoming more and more sophisticated, but the machinery will inevitably fail. For example, the mixing of air into the oil circuit of a diesel generator set will affect the operation of the diesel generator set. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance must be performed to find the air in the oil circuit in time and remove it in time.


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