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What Should We Do If The Diesel Generator Set Gets Water

Jul. 15, 2021

Due to structural constraints, diesel generator sets cannot be completely waterproof. When the rainy season/typhoon season comes, diesel generator sets may be affected by natural disasters such as floods and heavy rains. When water enters the diesel generator sets, users should take timely measures. Necessary measures, disconnect the external power supply and battery connection line, do not operate the engine, do not try to turn the crankshaft, prohibit the engine from running, and check the water ingress in various parts at the same time.


1. Check whether water is discharged from the drainage components of the exhaust pipe (the lowest part of the exhaust pipe or the muffler).


2. Check whether there is water in the air filter shell and whether the filter element is immersed in water.


3. Check if there is water accumulated at the bottom of the generator shell.


4. Check whether the rotating parts such as radiator, fan, coupling, etc. are blocked.


5. Whether there is leakage of organic oil, fuel or water from the outside.


6. Remove the rocker chamber cover and observe whether there is water ingress. Check the insulation/contamination of the generator windings.


7. Detect the insulation between the control circuit and the output circuit. Check the control panel module, each instrument, alarm device, start switch.


Note: Never let water enter the combustion chamber of the engine!



Treatment methods after the diesel generator set has entered water:


When it is judged that there is no water in the combustion chamber of the diesel generator set engine and the insulation meets the requirements, the diesel generator set can be started. Pay attention to the following issues when starting:


1. Perform all inspections before starting, including draining water in the fuel tank. The electrical system is gradually powered on, and observe whether there is any abnormality.


2. The time to continuously start the engine shall not exceed 30 seconds. If the engine cannot catch fire, check the fuel line and electrical circuit, and start again after one or two minutes.


3. Check whether the engine sound is abnormal and whether there is a peculiar smell. Check whether the display of the electrical instrument and the LCD screen are broken or unclear.


4. Closely observe the oil pressure and water temperature. If the oil pressure or temperature does not meet the technical specifications, the engine should be shut down. After stopping, check the oil level once.


When it is judged that water may enter the engine and the insulation of the generator does not meet the requirements, do not repair it without authorization, and seek the help of professional technicians from the generator set manufacturer.


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