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What Should We Do If The Diesel Generator Burns Oil

Aug. 09, 2021

Generally speaking, when the diesel generator is severely worn and the seal is too damaged, a large amount of oil enters the combustion chamber and burns, and the oil is consumed too much. This is the commonly used combustion oil. During the use of diesel engines, the oil often burns out. It should be said that burning engine oil is a serious problem. There are three situations in the lubricating oil burning process: burning engine oil during cold start, accelerating burning engine oil and burning engine oil under any circumstances. In the above three situations, the first two are not serious, but the third situation requires attention.


1. Engine oil will burn during cold start. Generally speaking, burning oil during cold start refers to the burning of oil during the first start in the morning.


Judgment: When the diesel generator starts up for the first time every morning, heavy blue smoke will be emitted behind the exhaust pipe. After a period of time, the blue smoke screen disappears, and similar situations generally do not happen on the same day (if this situation persists for a long time, the blue smoke may stop the fire on the spot). The same problem occurred the next morning, but there was no smoke in other cases. Once this happens, the oil is burned during a cold start.


Due to the long-term use of the valve oil seal, the valve oil seal is seriously worn out and cannot achieve a good sealing effect. When the diesel generator is not working for a long time, the oil flows into the cylinder through the valve oil seal under the action of gravity. When the diesel generator is started, the oil in the cylinder will burn at high temperature and high pressure, producing a lot of blue smoke. After the diesel generator is heated and the oil seal of the valve body is heated, the sealing effect will be better. Therefore, after the diesel generator is heated, the fuel oil phenomenon disappears.


2. Burn oil when accelerating. Accelerator combustion means that when the diesel generator accelerates, the exhaust pipe emits blue smoke, but it runs smoothly and the blue smoke disappears.


Judgment method: When the generator is running, a large amount of blue smoke is emitted from the exhaust pipe.


Reason: Because the piston ring on the diesel generator piston is not tightly sealed with the cylinder wall, oil directly escapes from the crankcase into the cylinder during rapid acceleration, causing the oil to burn.


diesel generator

3. Burn engine oil under any circumstances. This situation indicates that the diesel generator is severely worn and needs to be overhauled. If it is not repaired in time, it will cause serious safety hazards. The main reason is:

(1) The cylinder liner (or piston ring) is seriously worn and the cylinder is not tightly sealed, causing oil to escape from the combustion chamber.


(2) Piston ring pairing (all piston ring openings of a certain cylinder are in the same direction), so that the oil jumps up to the combustion chamber.


Generally speaking, the opening position of the piston ring should be installed in a staggered position. If the installation is improper or for some reason, the opening of the piston ring will be in the same position (direction), so-called piston ring correspondence.Because all the openings are in the same direction and the piston rings are aligned, under the negative pressure of the cylinder intake, a large amount of oil is sucked into the combustion chamber and participates in combustion, causing a sharp increase in oil consumption.


(3) The crankcase breather (vent valve) is blocked, causing the crankcase exhaust pressure to be too high, causing the oil to burn out.


(4) Air compressor failure: The on-board air compressor has serious piston ring wear or cylinder pulling failure, causing compressed air to flee into the crankcase, causing the crankcase to have a large exhaust pressure and burning oil.


Judgment method: After starting the diesel generator idling, loosen the oil return pipe of the air compressor. If you feel a large amount of gas rushing out, it can be judged that the gas in the air compressor is seriously escaping.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. reminds you: If the diesel generator often fails to pull the cylinder or the top of the piston is ablated, the diesel generator starts normally, the exhaust emits blue smoke, and the oil consumption increases, but the piston ring or the top of the piston is found to be ablated during disassembly. In this case, the oil of the air compressor comes from the main oil passage of the diesel generator, which can be judged as a failure of the on-board air compressor. When repairing diesel engine cylinder components, the air compressor should be carefully inspected and maintained to prevent the diesel engine piston from burning out due to the blow-by inside the air compressor, so as to eliminate the abnormal damage to the cylinder piston that has plagued you for many years. For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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