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What Materials Are The Cylinders Of Diesel Generator Sets Made Of

Dec. 09, 2021

The cylinder head of the diesel generator set is installed on the upper part of the cylinder block, and the cylinder head bolts are fastened on the cylinder block according to the specified torque. Its function is to close the upper plane of the cylinder and form a combustion chamber with the cylinder and the piston top.


There are three common types of cylinder head structure:

1. Single cylinder type, each cylinder has a separate cylinder head.


2. Two-cylinder type, each two cylinders share one cylinder head.


3. Multi-cylinder type (integral type), each row of cylinders share a cylinder head.


The thermal load on the cylinder head of Cummins B series diesel engine is very serious. It is equipped with intake and exhaust valves, valve rocker arms and fuel injectors. In addition, the cylinder head is equipped with intake and exhaust ducts and oil ducts. Especially for the cylinder head of an air-cooled diesel engine, it is difficult to arrange the radiating fins. If the cooling effect of the injector is not good, the temperature is too high, the injector needle valve is easy to seize or other failures occur, because the exhaust valve is seriously heated, poor cooling will increase wear and reduce its service life. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure sufficient cooling effect for some important components.


diesel engine

Commonly used materials for cylinder heads are high-strength gray cast iron HT20-40, HT25-47. Large or reinforced diesel engines use alloy cast iron or ductile iron. Aluminum alloy cast iron cylinder heads are commonly used in air-cooled diesel engines or special purpose diesel engines.


In order to ensure the seal between the cylinder block and the cylinder head, it is necessary to install a cylinder gasket between them. Cylinder gaskets are required to be resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and have a certain degree of flexibility. The commonly used cylinder head gasket is a metal-asbestos head gasket. The outer profile size of this cylinder head gasket is the same as the bottom surface of the cylinder head, and the thickness is about 3 mm in the free state. Approximately 1.5~2mm after compaction. The inside of the cylinder head gasket is made of asbestos fiber, and the outside is copper or steel.


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