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What Is Wrong With The Abnormal Noise Of The Diesel Generator Bearing

Dec. 27, 2021

The connecting rod bearing is an indispensable part of the diesel generator. It can support the mechanical rotation of the entire unit and reduce the damage caused by the friction of the generator set. However, users sometimes hear the sound of "Dangdang" when accelerating suddenly during the use of the unit, and as the speed and load increase, the sound also increases.


How to diagnose and deal with such a situation?


1. Observe the pressure of the oil gauge, if it is too low, accompanied by a "dangdang" noise, you should further check.


2. Open the fuel filler cap. When there is a stethoscope, insert the stethoscope into the fuel port and hear the knocking sound. In severe cases, you can hear the sound near the diesel generator. When it accelerates suddenly, the sound becomes more prominent.


3. Slightly increase the speed of the diesel generator to avoid the rough sound at idling speed, and listen carefully when the oil is cut off cylinder by cylinder. If the oil temperature drops, there will be a "blinking" sound at the moment of rapid oil supply, indicating that the cylinder connecting rod bearing is humming.


4. If the engine speed of the diesel generator rises to medium speed and the oil pressure gauge shows a drop in pressure, it should be shut down and checked. After the engine has cooled down, drain the oil in the crankcase, remove the oil pan, and push the connector up and down by hand. Rod bearings, check each cylinder for looseness. Remove the connecting rod bearing cover and check whether the bearing is lack of oil, burned, oil hole blocked, oil collector blocked and oil pipe ruptured, etc., which should be dealt with separately according to the situation.


5. If the bearing is burned out, new parts should be replaced. When replacing, pay attention to grinding the crankshaft journal with oil stone, and then sanding it with a fine emery cloth. If the crankshaft tubing is blocked, the bearing cap can be removed, and the dirt can be pierced with a thin iron wire. If the oil collector is blocked, it can be disassembled and cleaned, if the connecting rod bearing is too long or too short, the connecting rod bearing of the same specification is not replaced as required during the maintenance process.


diesel generator

Five reasons for the noise of diesel generator crankshaft bearings:


The noise of the crankshaft bearing of the diesel generator is heavier and more powerful than the sound of the connecting rod bearing. It only emits a deep "high pitch" sound when accelerating suddenly, and it is accompanied by organic vibration in severe cases. The sound part occurs at the bottom of the cylinder. The noise increases with the speed. For example, when the engine is fully loaded, the noise is especially obvious, such as when the engine is fully loaded.


Reason 1: The crankshaft bearings and journals of diesel generators are severely worn, or the tightening torque of the bearing cap bolts is insufficient and loose, resulting in excessive radial clearance, and the crankshaft bounces up and down, resulting in impact noise.


Reason 2: The clearance of the diesel generator crankshaft bearing is too small during the assembly process, which causes the surface friction to overheat and burn the bearing alloy.


Reason 3: There is a loose phenomenon in the matching of the bearing and the seat hole of the diesel generator, which makes the oil hole spread out, resulting in insufficient lubricating oil supply. Or the quality of the lubricant is too poor, so that the lubricating film is not easy to form, resulting in dry grinding or dry grinding of the friction surface.


Reason 4: The crankshaft thrust pad of the diesel generator is too thin, resulting in axial displacement of the crankshaft.


Reason 5: The bearing bush of the diesel generator is too long or too short, and it rotates due to working deformation.


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