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What is The Thermal Offset of Cummins Diesel Generator?

Jul. 31, 2023

During the use of Cummins diesel generator, thermal offset sometimes occurs, that is, when the temperature of Cummins diesel generator rises, the phenomenon of voltage fluctuation will occur, which is called voltage thermal offset. In this article, Dingbo Power Generation Equipment will analyze this phenomenon in detail for the vast number of users.

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Cummins diesel generator has certain requirements for operating environment, including temperature, altitude, humidity, etc. When the Cummins diesel generator is affected with moisture, we can recover its normal use by drying. There are also specially designed Cummins diesel generator in different altitudes. When the temperature is too high, we can also take external cooling and the cooling system of Cummins diesel generator together. But there is another detail about temperature that deserves our attention, that is, the thermal deviation of the voltage.

When the ambient temperature and the temperature of the generator itself increase, the magnetic permeability of the Cummins diesel generator core decreases, the DC resistance of the winding increases, and the circuit component parameters will change, which will cause the output voltage of the Cummins diesel generator to change. This phenomenon is called voltage thermal deviation. Generally, the unit voltage thermal deviation is expressed by the percentage of the unit voltage change caused by the temperature rise in the rated voltage, It is generally not allowed to exceed 2%.

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