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What Is The Structural Principle Of The Diesel Generator Injector

Dec. 07, 2021

The function of the diesel generator injector is to spray out fine atomized particles during the combustion process to form a good combustible mixture with air. The fuel injector is the core component of the diesel generator and one of the components that often fails. The occurrence of injection problems can easily cause a series of effects on diesel generators, from increased fuel consumption, power decline, to severe mechanical wear, etc., all indicate that the injector problem has a great impact on the normal operation of diesel generators. This article is to follow the Starlight Power to learn the structure and function of diesel generator fuel injection device, disassembly and inspection methods.


What are the structure and functions of diesel generator injectors?


The fuel injectors of the 135 series diesel generators used on diesel generators can be used in common use except for the difference in the nozzle structure and the opening pressure of the fuel injection.


Select the appropriate fuel injection nozzle assembly for grinding, and pass the hydraulic seal inspection. Maintain a high degree of cleanliness during use, and no single replacement is allowed. When the internal combustion engine is running, if the injector fails, the diesel generator will emit black smoke, lack of power, and increase fuel consumption.


The inspection of the fuel injection pump can be carried out according to the following methods: First, let the diesel engine idling, loosen the high-pressure fuel pipes of each cylinder, stop the fuel injection wheel, and observe the smoke color. When the malfunctioning fuel injector stops fuel injection, the high-pressure fuel pipes of each cylinder will be significantly improved. If the normal injector stops spraying, the color of the exhaust smoke will not change much, and the speed will be significantly reduced. For damaged fuel injectors, a new fuel injector corresponding to the diesel generator model must be selected, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the diesel generator.


The opening pressure of the nozzle is controlled by the pressure of the pressure regulating spring above the ejector pin. The oil pressure should be checked regularly during use. Such high or low will directly affect the performance of diesel generators. In order to ensure the fuel of the fuel injector is clean, the fuel injection pipe’s fuel inlet pipe joint is equipped with a filter element, and the clearance between it and the fuel inlet pipe joint is 0.025~0.055mm. If the fuel is found to be unclean or should be cleaned after use.


diesel generator

How to disassemble and inspect diesel generator injectors?


The function of the internal combustion engine fuel injector is to atomize the fuel into fine oil particles based on the characteristics of the diesel generator mixture, and then spray them to a specific location in the combustion chamber. For long-life diesel generator fuel injection devices, spray tests can be carried out on the test bench. If the following abnormalities are found, they should be disassembled.

1. The fuel injection volume is lower than the specified pressure.

2. There is no fog when spraying, and the cut-off is not obvious or there is dripping phenomenon.

3. The spray hole is blocked, and the oil mist sprayed from the four spray holes is uneven and the length is different.

4. Severe carbon deposits on the nozzle head.


Decomposition of internal combustion engine gasoline engine components: first loosen the pressure regulating nut, unscrew the pressure regulating screw, then pour the injector into the vise, and loosen the nozzle nut.


Then, disassemble the remaining part and clean it with clean diesel or gasoline. Use a copper brush to remove the carbon deposits on the nozzle head. When the needle valve is bitten, clamp the tail of the needle valve with a soft cloth lined with wire cutters, turn it slightly, and pull it out forcefully. If the needle valve cone surface is dirty, use a drill or steel wire to dredge the oil passages and injection holes along the surface of the copper wire brush.


Finally, put the fuel injection nozzle assembly in the front of the diesel generator, pull the needle valve to clean, so that the needle valve can slide freely.


The structure and function of diesel generator injector can be disassembled and tested according to the above methods. Have you learned it? If you still have questions, please contact Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. We will provide you with a professional diesel generator purchase guide and configure a suitable diesel generator set for you. Looking forward to your inquiry, please send email to us for details sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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