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What Is The Performance Test Of The 5 Components Of The Alternator

Apr. 25, 2022

Common faults in the use of generators are: no power generation, low voltage instability, high power generation voltage, and high generator temperature. In an alternator, the coils through which the current flows are stationary, while the magnets usually move. The north and south poles of the magnet cause the current to flow in opposite directions, creating alternating current. Today, Starlight Power mainly introduces the component performance testing of 5 alternators.


1. Stator detection: First, check that there is no scratch on the surface of the stator and no scratch on the surface of the wire. The second is to detect whether the stator winding is short-circuited. Use the R×1 ohmmeter to check between the winding leads, which should be below 1Ω, otherwise the stator should be replaced. Third, use the ohmmeter R×1 gear to check the stator winding table R×1 gear to check the winding lead and the stator core, otherwise the stator should be replaced.


2. Rotor inspection: First, there should be no scratches on the surface of the rotor, otherwise it indicates that the bearing is loose, and the front and rear bearings should be replaced. The surface of the collector rings should be smooth and smooth, and there should be no oil stains and foreign objects in the groove between the two collector rings. The second is whether the rotor winding is grounded. The third is to check whether the rotor winding is open circuit and short circuit. The fourth is the maintenance of rotor shaft and collector ring.

Volvo generator sets


3. Detection of brushes and brush holders: First, check the length of the brushes. The length of the brushes outside the brush holder is 10.5mm, and the use limit is 1.5mm. The second is to detect the brush spring pressure. When the brush protrudes 2mm from the brush holder, the reading indicated on the balance scale is the brush spring pressure, which should be 200~300N. If the spring elasticity is too small, a new brush should be replaced. When replacing the three brushes, when replacing the brushes, first put the brush springs and new brushes into the brush holder, and then clamp the brush wires with pliers to make the brush height reach the specified value of 10.5mm. Then use a soldering iron to solder the brush wire and brush holder.


4. Bearing inspection: Rotate the bearing by hand to check whether there is abnormal sound and jamming. If there is abnormal sound, it should be replaced.


5. Rectifier detection: Select the kΩ range of the multimeter, make the negative needle take the B terminal, and the positive needle take P1, P2, P3, and P4 respectively, and vice versa. Check the conduction of the positive diode of the rectifier, make the positive needle take the E terminal, and the negative needle take P1, P2, P3, P4, and vice versa. Check the conduction of the negative diode of the rectifier. If the diode is conducting in the forward direction and not conducting in the reverse direction, it means that it is normal.


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