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What is Effect of Coolant on Cummins Diesel Generators

Mar. 16, 2021

Diesel generator is affected by its own diesel combustion during operation, which will lead to sudden rise of diesel engine temperature. In high temperature environment, it will not only affect the improvement of working efficiency of diesel generator, but also cause the occurrence of parts failure. Based on this, we need to cool the heating part, which involves the problem of adding coolant to the diesel engine cooling system. What is the effect of the coolant on the operation of diesel generator set?



Under the condition of low temperature, the cooling system of diesel engine is not damaged. Generally speaking, the freezing resistance temperature of common coolant is that the freezing point is between 20 ℃ and 45 degrees below zero, and it is reasonable to choose according to the actual needs of different regions.


2.Anti boiling effect

Under high temperature, it is ensured that there will be no premature boiling. The boiling point of common coolant is 104 degrees to 108 degrees. When the coolant is added to the cooling system and the pressure is generated, the boiling point will be higher.

3.Antiseptic effect

Special coolant can reduce the corrosion of cooling system, thus avoiding the water leakage caused by corrosion of cooling system.

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4.Rust prevention

High quality coolant can avoid the rust of cooling system, once the cooling system rust will lead to accelerated wear and reduce the heat conduction efficiency.



Because the coolant is deionized water, it can avoid scaling and precipitation and protect the engine.


How to maintain Cummins diesel generators with coolant?

1.Heating water in winter

In cold winter, the engine is difficult to start. If cold water is filled before starting, it is easy to freeze in the water tank water chamber and water inlet pipe, which makes the water unable to cycle or even make the water tank crack. Hot water can be added to improve the engine temperature for easy start-up; on the other hand, the above freezing phenomenon can be avoided as far as possible.

2.Antifreeze should be of high quality

If there is no preservative in the antifreeze, it will seriously corrode the engine cylinder head, water jacket, radiator, water stop ring, rubber parts and other components, and produce a lot of scale, which will lead to poor heat dissipation and overheating of the engine. Therefore, we must choose the products of regular manufacturers.

3.Replenish soft water in time

After filling antifreeze in the water tank, if it is found that the liquid level of the water tank decreases, on the premise of ensuring no leakage, only clean soft water (distilled water is better), because the boiling point of ethylene glycol antifreeze is high, and the evaporation is the water in the antifreeze. It is not necessary to add antifreeze, but only soft water. It is worth mentioning: never add hard water without softening.

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4.Discharge antifreeze in time to reduce corrosion

Whether it is ordinary antifreeze or long-term antifreeze, when the temperature becomes higher, it should be released in time, so as to prevent the corrosion of parts. Because the preservatives added in the antifreeze will gradually reduce or fail with the extension of service time, what's more, some simply do not add preservatives, which will have a strong corrosive effect on the parts. Therefore, the antifreeze should be discharged in time according to the temperature, and the cooling pipeline should be thoroughly cleaned after the antifreeze is discharged.


5.Open the water tank cover when discharging coolant

If the cover of the water tank is not opened, part of the cooling water can flow out, but with the decrease of the water volume in the radiator, a certain degree of vacuum will be generated due to the sealing of the water tank, and the water flow will slow down or stop. In winter, the parts will be frozen due to unclean water discharge.


6.It is not advisable to discharge coolant immediately at high temperature

Before the engine stalls, if the engine temperature is very high, do not stop immediately to drain water. The load should be removed first to idle the engine. When the water temperature drops to 40-50 ℃, the water will be drained to prevent the temperature of the cylinder block, cylinder head and water jacket in contact with water from dropping suddenly due to sudden water discharge, and the temperature inside the cylinder block is still very high and the shrinkage is small. It is easy to make it easy to make it because of the excessive temperature difference between the inside and outside cracks are found in cylinder block and cylinder head.


7.Idle the engine after draining coolant in cold winter

In the cold winter, the engine should be started to idle for a few minutes after the cooling water in the engine is discharged. This is mainly because some water may remain in the water pump and other parts after the water is discharged. After the engine is started again, the residual water in the water pump and other parts can be dried by the body temperature, so as to ensure that there is no water in the engine and prevent the phenomenon of water leakage caused by the freezing of the water pump and the tearing of the water seal.

Above information is about coolant of Cummins diesel generators. When you doing maintenance, you can refer to the article, but should be done a professional person in order to ensure safety. Starlight Power also provide 20kw-2000kw Cummins diesel genset, now we have promotion activity, if you have purchase plan, please contact us for more details. 

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