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What Factors Will Cause The Diesel Generator Set To Fail To Operate

Aug. 19, 2023

The prerequisite for the normal operation of the diesel generator set is that the well-atomized diesel fuel can be accurately and timely burned into the chamber, and the compressed air in the combustion chamber must reach the temperature of the motherland before it can catch fire and explode. To meet these two conditions, it is necessary to have a high enough speed and a certain temperature in the cylinder when the diesel engine is started. When the diesel generator set cannot be started, the reasons should be found from the aspects of starting work, diesel fuel supply system and compression, etc. The following is Dingbo Power to find out the problem and analyze the essence for you.


I. Reasons why the diesel generator set cannot be started.

1. No fuel or insufficient fuel.

2. The engine cylinder cooling water temperature is low.

3. The battery voltage is low, the injection pump has air.

4. The starting motor is faulty, the control circuit is faulty.


II. The diesel generator set solution.

1. Diesel generator set circuit.

(1) The diagnostic instrument is successfully connected, indicating that the ECU of the engine has been powered on. Read the fault code, no fault code display.


Volvo cummins diesel generator set

(2) Start the engine and detect that the synchronization signal is 1 (1 means synchronous, 0 means not synchronous), which indicates that the engine crankshaft and camshaft sensor signals are synchronous. It is preliminarily determined that the non-synchronized signal causes the inability to start.


(3) Check that the water temperature, fuel temperature, and intake air temperature are normal, indicating that the engine has not entered the thermal protection operation mode. The above inspections have basically ruled out the engine circuit. If the diagnostic instrument cannot be connected when the key is turned on, and the engine ECU is not powered, the main relay that supplies power to the engine ECU should be found as follows: Check the power supply of the relay.


2. Diesel generator set oil circuit:

(1) Check the low pressure oil circuit. There is no break in the oil pipe, there is no air in the oil circuit, and the hand oil pump is not deflated when it is started. Check that the overflow valve is in good condition. Both the fine filter and the coarse filter have been replaced to eliminate the problem of the low pressure oil circuit.


(2) Check the high-pressure oil circuit, loosen the high-pressure oil pipe and the connecting nut of the injector with a wrench, and the hand oil pump should be normal without air (bubble coming out).


(3) Check the fuel injection quantity. The actual amount of fuel injected is higher than normal, but the engine still won't start.


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