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What Factors Constitute The Fuel Supply System Of A Diesel Generator

Dec. 03, 2021

Diesel generator fuel supply system is mainly composed of fuel filter device, fuel delivery pump, fuel injection pump (high pressure fuel pump), fuel injector (fuel injection nozzle), electronic governor, fuel delivery pipe, etc. When the diesel generator is running, the fuel transfer pump sucks fuel from the fuel tank, sends it to the fuel filter device, and enters the fuel supply pump after filtering. The fuel pressure difference is increased in the fuel supply pump, and the high-pressure fuel pipe is used to send the fuel pressure to the nozzle, and finally the fuel injection hole is used to form a mist into the combustion chamber. The remaining fuel supplied by the fuel transfer pump is returned to the fuel tank using the fuel filter return pipe, and a small amount of fuel flowing out of the fuel injector top return pipe also flows back to the fuel tank.


The basic diesel uses B series and B series enhanced fuel supply pumps, which are 135 basic diesel generators. The structure of the two pumps is basically the same. The diameter of the outlet valve of the B series oil supply pump is 6mm, and the diameter of the plunger is 9mm and 10mm. The B series reinforced fuel supply pump has a valve outlet diameter of 7mm, a plunger diameter of 11mm, 11.5mm, 12mm, and so on.


Structural features of diesel engine B series and B series enhanced fuel supply pumps:

The diesel generator is composed of outlet valve seat, delivery valve spring, delivery valve assembly, upper spring seat, lower spring seat, plunger spring, oil control sleeve, automatic adjustment gear and rollers.


The researched and matched composition of the piston rod and the plunger sleeve. The oblique grooves on the outer circle of the plunger that play a role of oil control are all right-handed spiral grooves. The diversion groove is located on the convex block in the middle of the Gui plug. The diversion groove is embedded with a small outer circle, which is matched with the oil control sleeve. The outer circle of the oil control sleeve is equipped with an adjusting gear ring. The ring meshes with the automatic adjusting rack to form a rack-type oil control mechanism.


The oil outlet valve is a pressure relief oil outlet valve. The piston assembly and the delivery valve assembly are mutually researched, and no single replacement is allowed during repair, disassembly and replacement of the assembly.


diesel engine

The working principle of diesel engine B series and B series enhanced fuel supply pump:


When the plunger is at the bottom dead center, the two oil holes on the plunger sleeve are opened, blocking the communication between the upper cylinder and the oil passage in the pump body, and the inner cavity of the plunger sleeve is filled with fuel. In the initial stage of Zhuzhai’s ascent, a part of the fuel is squeezed and poured into the oil passage. This process continues until the top of the plunger passes through the upper edge of the oil hole. When it rises sharply, the fuel delivery valve is activated immediately, and the fuel enters the fuel delivery pipe using the fuel delivery valve.


The piston continues to move upward, greatly increasing the fuel pressure difference between the high-pressure fuel pipe and the fuel injector. When the pressure difference exceeds the starting pressure difference of the nozzle, the needle valve is automatically activated, and high-pressure fuel starts to be injected into the combustion chamber. The oil supply of the plunger continues until the edge of the spiral chute of the plunger reaches the lower edge of the plunger sleeve.


After opening the oil hole of the plunger sleeve, spray oil. The high pressure oil is returned to the low pressure cavity of the oil pump body using the straight groove of the plunger and the oil hole on the plunger sleeve, so that the gap above the plug and the pressure difference between the oil pipeline are reduced, and the valve is lowered again under the action of the spring. Due to the action of the spring, the space on the plunger in the plunger sleeve is refilled to provide power for the next working cycle.


Depending on the specific position of the plunger and the plunger sleeve, the use of a rotating plunger can ensure the control of the fuel supply of the fuel pump. When adjusting the movement of the gear rod, the ring gear and the oil control sleeve rotate the plunger together. If the dowel rotates to the right, the oil supply will increase, and conversely, the oil supply will decrease. When the plunger straight groove and the plunger sleeve oil hole communicate, immediately stop the supply.


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