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What Causes High Temperature Alarm of Weichai Generator

Sep. 30, 2022

Weichai diesel generator set needs a suitable temperature range during operation, which is generally 80~90 ° C. Overcooling or overheating of the diesel generator set will affect the normal operation. Overheating of the diesel generator set will lead to lower inflation coefficient, abnormal combustion, increased friction between parts, decreased power, increased fuel consumption, etc., and may even cause cylinder pulling or cylinder bursting, or even lead to the scrapping of the unit in serious cases, Therefore, when the high temperature alarm of the diesel generator set occurs, the user must stop the machine in time to check the cause and eliminate it. What causes the high temperature alarm of Weichai generator?

1. Long term overload operation: Long term overload operation of diesel engine will increase fuel consumption and heat load, resulting in high water temperature. Therefore, long-term overload operation of diesel engine shall be avoided.

Weichai diesel generator

2. Insufficient coolant: regularly check the coolant stock in the radiator and expansion tank. When the liquid level is low, it shall be supplemented in time. Due to the lack of coolant in the diesel engine cooling system, the heat dissipation effect of the diesel engine will be affected, resulting in high temperature of the diesel engine.

3. Mutual interference of radiator (engineering machinery): if the hydraulic oil radiator and water radiator are placed in front and back, when the hydraulic oil temperature is high, it will inevitably lead to high temperature of cold air at the inlet side of the water radiator, affecting the heat dissipation of the water radiator. Therefore, attention should be paid to the heat dissipation of the hydraulic system to reduce the adverse effects of the hydraulic oil radiator on the heat dissipation of the diesel water radiator.

4. Fan belt is too loose or the fan is deformed: regularly check whether the fan belt of the diesel engine is loose and whether the fan shape is abnormal. Because the fan belt is too loose, it is easy to reduce the fan speed, resulting in the radiator can not play its due heat dissipation, resulting in the high temperature of the diesel engine. In addition, the deformation of the fan will also lead to the insufficient heat dissipation of the radiator.

5. Sundries on radiator surface: it is a common phenomenon that sundries are attached on radiator surface. The attached debris will reduce the heat dissipation area of the radiator, reduce the windward area of the radiator, and reduce the heat dissipation of the radiator, resulting in high temperature of the diesel engine. Therefore, the radiator should be cleaned regularly.

6. Poor coolant circulation: insufficient thermostat opening will reduce the cooling power of the diesel engine cooling system. If the diesel engine is at high temperature, the thermostat can be put into water for heating inspection. Generally, the opening distance of thermostat is 8~10mm.

The above are some of the reasons that are easy to cause the high temperature alarm of the diesel generator set. When the diesel generator set is operated in high temperature weather, correct cooling measures should be taken to keep the genset at a relatively appropriate working temperature, so as to ensure the performance of the genset.

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