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What Are The Violations In The Use Of Diesel Generators

Aug. 04, 2021

The irregular behaviors in the use of diesel generators are as follows:

1. Low machine temperature is more beneficial than high machine temperature. Excessive temperature of the internal combustion engine will lead to a decrease in mechanical performance, power reduction, and accelerated wear. Therefore, many people believe that a low temperature is better than a high temperature. In order to prevent the coolant temperature from being too high, some operators connect a small water pipe from the water pump outlet pipe to the radiator to implement flowing water cooling, which is harmful to the diesel engine.


(1) The low temperature heat loss is large, resulting in insufficient power of the diesel engine and increased fuel consumption. The standard temperature of the coolant is 80~90℃.


(2) When the cooling is excessive, the temperature of the cylinder wall and the top surface of the piston is too low, which affects the formation and lubrication of the combustible mixture.


(3) Excessive cooling, the temperature in the cylinder is too low, the sulfur dioxide in the exhaust gas can not form steam out of the cylinder, but condenses into acidic substances in the cylinder, which will corrode the cylinder liner, piston, valve and other components.


diesel engine

2. Add a lot of oil. Some operators mistakenly believe that it is better to add more oil to avoid burning tiles. In fact, too much oil in the crankcase is not only easy to leak oil, causing waste, more importantly, because the connecting rod hits the surface of the oil, excessive oil mist and splashing oil droplets are formed, which will cause the diesel engine to drive oil and run away and accelerate wear. Therefore, the use and maintenance of the lubrication system must be strictly checked: first, the brand of the selected oil must be correct; second, the amount of oil added is within the scale specified in the dipstick.


3.Try to fit the cylinder head nut as closely as possible. Some maintenance personnel believe that the tighter the cylinder head nut is less likely to leak air, the tightening torque always exceeds the specified value. In fact, if the cylinder head nut is tightened too tightly, the cylinder bolt hole is stretched to be convex, causing the joint surface of the cylinder body to be uneven. Therefore, the cylinder head nut must be tightened according to the specified torque, and neither too tight nor too loose is inappropriate.


4. The fuel supply advance angle is better sooner than later. Some maintenance workers often require a period of time in advance when adjusting the fuel supply advance angle of diesel engines, and some even exceed the prescribed 2~3°. They think that the fuel supply advance angle is adjusted earlier, and the diesel engine is working hard (high power). However, too early and too late fuel supply advance angles are harmful to the operation of diesel engines.


(1)Excessive deflagration pressure makes it easy for high-temperature gas to escape into the crankcase, causing high-temperature fission of the oil, and the oil is also easy to evaporate into oil and gas, causing the oil in the crankcase to be carbonized.

(2)The rapid combustion of excess fuel in the cylinder will increase the thermal load of the piston top and cause damage to the piston due to overheating.

(3)Vibration of the cylinder liner is intensified, which accelerates the generation of cavitation of the cylinder liner and the body, causing damage.

(4)It will cause the impact of the cylinder liner, increase the impact of the piston on the cylinder liner, aggravate the cylinder liner vibration, and cause fatigue damage to the cylinder liner.

(5)The advance angle of fuel supply makes the fuel accumulated in the cylinder before the top dead center too much, and the explosion pressure after combustion increases the mechanical load of the piston connecting rod, causing damage to these parts.

(6) Excessive heat load will cause cracks in the cylinder head and deform the valve seat ring.


5. The diesel engine will not damage the engine when idling. In no-load operation, the linear piston speed is relatively low, and the oil scraping capacity of the piston ring is lower than in normal operation, which makes the diesel engine easy to go offline. At the same time, due to the small inertia of the cylinder, a large amount of residual exhaust gas, low swirl velocity, and poor fuel injection atomization quality, the fuel cannot be fully burned and carbon deposits are easily formed. In addition, due to the low temperature of water and oil, the fluidity of the engine oil becomes poor, so that a good lubricating oil film cannot be formed, and it is also prone to aging, and harmful substances such as water and sulfuric acid are also easily generated in the cylinder liner to corrode the body. Cause the diesel engine idling jitter, unstable, affect the service life of the diesel engine.


6.It does not matter if the engine oil is not replaced in time. Some operators believe that their diesel engines have short actual running time, low load, and good diesel engines. Therefore, it does not matter if the oil is not replaced in time. In fact, this approach is wrong. Although fuel costs are more expensive than diesel, fuel costs account for one percent of diesel engine maintenance costs. If parts are damaged after the oil change is overdue, repairs are not economical, time-saving, and may cause major accidents.


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