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What Are The Types Of Combustion Chambers Of Diesel Generator Sets

Mar. 30, 2022

Diesel generator set combustion chamber refers to the space formed above the top surface of the piston and below the bottom surface of the cylinder head when the piston is at the top dead center. The combustion chamber of the diesel generator set has a great influence on the quality of the combustible mixture formed by fuel and air. According to the different ways to improve the quality of the mixture of fuel and air, the combustion chamber of the diesel generator set can be roughly divided into the following two types:


1. Direct injection combustion chamber.

The combustion chamber mainly relies on the injection of fuel to cooperate with the shape of the combustion chamber, so that the fuel and air are evenly mixed: the direct injection combustion chamber is further divided into a unified type, a spherical oil film type and a compound type combustion chamber. The shape of the combustion chamber is related to the geometry of the top face of the piston.


The oil film combustion chamber is spherical and is located in the top of the piston. The fuel is sprayed to the wall of the combustion chamber. Most of the fuel is sprayed on the wall of the combustion chamber under the action of strong eddy currents, forming a thin oil film, and a small part of the fuel is atomized and distributed in the combustion chamber space. And first to catch fire, and then to ignite the fuel evaporated from the wall. This kind of combustion chamber can make the working process soft, the fuel burns completely, the sound is light and smokeless, and light fuel can be used, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to start at low temperature.


The composite combustion chamber is in the shape of a deep basin in the top of the piston, and the mouth is slightly contracted. The intake air vortex is formed by a special-shaped intake port, and a single-hole needle injector is used. The compound combustion chamber reasonably combines the oil film evaporation mixing combustion and the space mixing combustion, and has the advantages of both, so it is also called a compound combustion system. Low requirements and easy start-up. The downside is the higher content of unburned hydrocarbons in the low-load exhaust.


Second, the separate combustion chamber.

The split combustion chamber is divided into two parts. The two parts are connected by one or several channels, and the gas flow between the two parts is used to realize the mixing of fuel and air. The divided combustion chamber is further divided into two forms: swirl and pre-combustion. The well-designed piston top surface is conducive to air flow, flame propagation, rapid formation of expansion pressure, exhaust gas discharge, etc. Low-speed diesel generators and some medium and high-speed diesel generators mainly use two types of combustion chambers, swirl and pre-combustion.


diesel generator set

The pre-combustion chamber consists of a pre-combustion chamber and a main combustion chamber. The pre-combustion chamber is in the cylinder head, accounting for 25-40% of the compression volume, and has one or several through holes communicating with the main combustion chamber. The fuel is injected into the pre-combustion chamber, part of the fuel is burned after ignition, and the unburned mixture is injected into the main combustion chamber at a high speed, where it is further mixed with air and burned. This combustion chamber is suitable for medium and small power diesel generators.


The swirl combustion chamber consists of a swirl chamber and a main combustion chamber. The swirl chamber is located on the cylinder head, in spherical or inverted bell shape, accounting for 50 to 80% of the total compression volume, and has a tangential passage communicating with the main combustion chamber. During the compression stroke, the air pressed into the swirl chamber produces a strong swirl motion, which causes the fuel injected into it to mix with the air. After ignition, the mixture flows into the main combustion chamber to form a secondary flow, which is further mixed with the air in the main combustion chamber for combustion.


The type of diesel generator set combustion chamber is introduced here. If you still have questions about it, please consult Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. and we will have professional and technical personnel to answer you in detail.


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