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What Are The Symptoms Of Diesel Cylinder Head Gasket Burst

Sep. 28, 2021

For those who do not understand diesel generators, the term "blowhead gasket" may not sound that bad. Of course, they may sound disastrous. The truth is in the middle. Bursting cylinder head gaskets in diesel generators can cause coolant leakage, which can cause a lot of problems at first, but if not controlled, it will eventually cause diesel generators to malfunction. The best way to prevent catastrophic damage is to grab a blown head gasket as early as possible. Therefore, if you find that your diesel generator has the following symptoms, it is best to perform some diagnostic tests.


1. The diesel generator is overheated.

If the coolant leaks, the common symptom is that the diesel generator overheats. In some cases, the overheating may be too fast for the diesel generator to run for a long time at all.


2. Poor performance.

The leakage of coolant from the cylinder head gasket will cause the diesel generator to run unevenly. It also leads to loss of diesel generator power and fuel economy.


3. Abnormal exhaust.

Another typical symptom is white smoke or sweet steam coming out of the exhaust pipe.


4. Foam oil.

A foamy milky white coating on the oil cap or dipstick may indicate that the coolant has leaked into the oil pan. This may also be a symptom of cracking in the cylinder block of a diesel generator.

diesel generator

5. Loss of coolant.

If your diesel generator has a loss of coolant, but there is no obvious leakage, this may mean that the cylinder head gasket is leaking.


6. Clean the spark plug.

If one spark plug is significantly cleaner than the others, the coolant may leak into the cylinder.


7. Heating system.

If the coolant leaks, the cabin heating vent may emit a strange smell, similar to synthetic rubber and antifreeze.


8. Coolant in unfamiliar places.

Leaks may also cause diesel generator coolant to be forced into the recovery tank or radiator.


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