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What Are The Hazards Of Corona To Shanghai Stamford Generators

Aug. 21, 2023

Corona is harmful to the healthy operation of Shanghai Stamford generator, and the majority of generator users have come to see it. Does your Shanghai Stamford generator also have a lot of corona phenomenon? The corona of Shanghai Stamford generator is generally formed from the inside. This is a power generation phenomenon, and we collectively call it corona. Knowing that corona is not good for generators, it is harmful to the healthy operation of generators. The uneven distribution of electric field in generators is the biggest source of corona. Air ionization near the local electric field is too strong. The harm of corona to Shanghai Stamford generator is to damage the performance of insulating materials. It is only produced on the surface of the insulator, and to a certain extent, the acidic substances generated by the heating of the insulating material will corrode the insulator. Damage to insulators can lead to more serious consequences involving other material damage.


The corona is generated because the uneven conductor generates an uneven electric field. When the voltage rises to a certain value near the electrode with a small radius of curvature around the uneven electric field, discharge will occur due to the free air, forming a corona. Because the electric field around the corona is very weak and no collision and dissociation occurs, the charged particles around the corona are basically ions, and these ions form the corona discharge current. Simply put, a conductor electrode with a small radius of curvature discharges into the air, resulting in a corona.


During the previous operation of the generator, the operation was stable, there was no abnormal analysis, and the main insulation would not be damaged too much, so only the straight part of the wire rod was subjected to anti-corona treatment.


The steps to deal with the corona phenomenon of Shanghai Stamford generator are as follows:


Shangchai Power generator set

First, withdraw all the slot wedges, blow dust on the bar and measure the gap between the two sides of the bar and the slot wall.


According to the measured gap, insert semiconductor glass cloth plates of different thicknesses into the gap. In order to make the two sides of the semiconductor glass cloth plate fully contact with the groove wall and the wire rod, before inserting, brush a layer of low-resistance semiconductor paint on both sides of the semiconductor glass cloth plate, the resistance coefficient of semiconductor paint is calculated as follows: It can be seen that the main insulation thickness of the linear part of the generator bar is d. It can be seen from the actual measurement that, for the most unfavorable bar, the distance between the two continuous contact points of the slot is 2/3 the length of the stator core. Therefore, the distance between the middle part of the air gap and the two contact points is an order of magnitude of the surface resistivity of the semiconductor layer in the groove part.


The preparation method is as follows: slowly pour the toluene liquid into the low-resistance semiconducting paint and stir it evenly, take a little of it and spread it evenly on both sides of the white cloth tape, measure the resistance value of 1cm long with a multimeter, and the value is in the order of 10. The resistivity should neither be too large nor too low. If it is too large, it will easily cause corona corrosion in the groove. If it is too low, it will cause the loss of the induced current on the surface of the semi-conductive layer. The glass cloth plate is then driven into the slot wedge.


When overhauling Shanghai Stamford generators, there will be a lot of long-term corona, which will be dealt with to let users know that corona will cause harm to the generator. I would like to say, don't wait until the corona comes to pay attention to it. Many corona failures can be prevented by avoiding the modulation factor. To sum up, we can avoid the corona problem through the above steps, so as to reduce the risk of Shanghai Stamford generator and related corona, and improve the Shanghai Stamford generator with corona.


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