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What Are The Five Precautions For Using Diesel Generator Oil

Sep. 03, 2021

In order to ensure the service life of diesel generators, it is necessary not only to select the oil type, brand (viscosity grade), and maintain the correct "blood type", but also to correctly master the use of the oil to keep the "blood" clean and fresh. So pay attention to the following points when using.


1. The quality grade and viscosity grade of lubricating oil should be selected in accordance with the requirements specified in the manufacturer's instructions. For imported diesel engine oils, domestic oils that meet the manufacturer's grades can be selected. When choosing engine oil, you should try to buy engine oil produced by influential and well-known regular manufacturers. Pay special attention to distinguishing genuine and fake engine oil to ensure the quality of engine oil.


2. Pay attention to the color of the oil and the changes in temperature when using it. If possible, check the performance indicators of the oil regularly. If you find any major changes in the color, smell, and performance indicators of the oil, you should replace it in time, and you must not change the oil in accordance with the dogma.


diesel generator

3. Pay attention to the proper amount of oil when filling, insufficient oil will accelerate the deterioration of the oil, and burn parts due to lack of oil, the statement that the oil is too large is also wrong, and excessive oil will not only consume too much oil, and it is easy to break into the combustion chamber, aggravating the combustion of the mixture.


4. Avoid using different brands of oil sticks, that is, when replenishing the oil, the replenishing oil brand must be the same as the original oil to avoid chemical reactions between different brands of oil, resulting in variation in the quality of the oil and affecting the quality of lubrication. Please pay attention to this.


5. If the engine oil is improperly selected or the low-quality engine oil is used, it will cause the engine to overheat and be easily damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to use genuine engine oil, which is very important for prolonging the service life of the engine.


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