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What Are the Faults of Generator Set Speed Control?

Jul. 26, 2023

When the generator set is running, its speed is unstable or its speed regulation is unstable, and the idle speed cannot reach or there is a phenomenon of speeding. This type of fault can cause significant accidents and bring great harm to the generator set. Modern generator sets are usually equipped with automatic protection devices for flying cars, which will automatically protect them in case of flying cars.

diesel generator set

However, for diesel engines without a high-speed protection device, if a high-speed situation occurs, severe overspeed can cause the connecting rod bolts to break, damage cylinder heads, engine bodies, pistons, and other components, and even cause major accidents such as the crankshaft balance weight and governor flying hammer being dropped, the flywheel breaking, and the valve spring breaking, posing a threat to personal safety.

The main reason for judging a speeding car fault is based on the changes in the sound of the generator set. Due to the rapid increase in speed, the exhaust noise becomes a howling sound. Once such a sound is heard, decisive and effective measures must be taken immediately to avoid causing significant losses. The emergency response to flying cars is to try to stop quickly, and the method is:

(1) Quickly cut off the oil circuit, quickly pull the throttle to the parking position, and turn off the oil circuit switch. However, most of the reasons for the occurrence of runaway are due to the throttle losing control of the oil pump plunger. Therefore, even if the throttle has been pulled to the parking position and there is still diesel in the low-pressure oil circuit, the generator set cannot be stopped quickly. At this time, the high-pressure oil pipe connecting nut should be quickly unscrewed to immediately stop the fuel injector from spraying, and in most cases, it can be stopped quickly.

(2) If there is an explosion-proof device in the generator set that quickly cuts off the air passage, the intake air can be quickly shut off. Generators without this device can use clothing to wrap the air filter or plug the air inlet. As long as the intake passage is blocked, any inspection can quickly stop the generator set.

It should be particularly pointed out here that after a speeding accident occurs, it is absolutely not allowed to unload the load, otherwise it will cause a more severe increase in the speed and cause greater danger. After parking, the cause of the speeding should be carefully analyzed, and faults should be promptly eliminated to ensure safe operation. Reasons and troubleshooting methods for failure of speed control of generator sets.

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