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What Are The Faults Of Diesel Generators

Mar. 25, 2022

Under the prerequisites of mastering the working principle, structure, adjustment and maintenance of diesel generator sets, it is also necessary to deeply understand the conditions under which the generator set operates normally and under which conditions it is prone to failure. If a fault is caused, how to analyze the cause of the fault according to the problem phenomenon, through in-depth and detailed analysis, propose the correct processing method, and quickly and accurately eliminate the fault problem. Diesel generator failure problems often show one or more unique failure problem phenomena. Different working conditions, the phenomenon of failure problems will be different. These fault phenomena are usually audible, visible, tactile or measurable in nature. All in all, the failure phenomenon has the following five aspects:


1. The function is abnormal. If the unit is not easy to start. With no load (that is, slow down or stop after loading). The speed and frequency are abnormal, the fuel or oil consumption is too large, the voltage decreases or disappears, and the unit vibrates violently.


2. The sound is abnormal, such as abnormal cylinder knocking, gun blasting, hissing, exhaust sound, periodic friction sound, pinning sound, valve foot sound, gear sound, unstable speed (travel), etc.


3. Abnormal temperature. The normal working temperature of the unit is about 85 ℃, and the abnormal temperature mainly refers to the oil temperature is too high, the cooling water temperature is too high, the bearing is overheated, the temperature difference of the exhaust manifold is too large, etc.


4. The appearance is abnormal. Usually refers to the abnormal smoke exhaust system (white smoke, blue smoke, black smoke), three leakage (oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage), leakage (flash sparks) and so on.


5. Abnormal smell, such as smell, burnt smell, exhaust with fuel or incomplete combustion of engine oil, smoke smell, etc.


Diesel generator

When repairing diesel generator sets, maintenance personnel need to do the following 4 points:


1. Comprehensive observation of fault phenomenon phenomenon. Accurately observe the fault phenomenon, do not be confused by the general phenomenon.


2. Careful consideration should be given to the analysis of the cause of the failure problem to determine the sequence and method of compressing the failure problem.


3. Compression failure problem method should adopt the most appropriate method to quickly eliminate equipment failure. When a method cannot be continued, it should be considered whether the method is suitable and whether other methods can be used.


4. The maintenance style of the machine is better, the machine style is better, it will not expand the scope of failure problems of the unit, and it can complete the maintenance task quickly and in time with guaranteed quality and quantity.


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