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What Are The Design Methods For Noise Prevention Of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 12, 2023

Guangxi Dingbo Power Guide: The noise of low-noise diesel generator set mainly comes from the mechanical noise generated by the high-speed operation of the diesel engine, the reasonable design of the structure and the selection of appropriate materials for the air intake required by the cooling unit, which are realized through sound insulation, sound absorption, noise interference and other measures.


(1) Design of air inlet, air outlet and passage.

The air inlet and outlet and their channels are important links in the structural design of low-noise diesel generator sets, which are related to whether the noise can be effectively controlled, and the units can operate safely and normally under reasonable water temperature conditions. The air inlet is usually at the end of the generator set side, and can be supplemented at both sides if necessary. The air outlet is generally located at the front upper part or both sides of the diesel engine side.


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(2) Sound insulation design.

Noise is mainly transmitted through air, so the design of sound insulation structure should strive to be as airtight as possible, so that most of the noise is controlled in the anti sound box. The sound absorbing materials shall be attached to the panel of the sound proof box as far as possible to reduce the penetration and transmission of noise. Pads and rubber seals are added to the edge gap of the door sandalwood to reduce the leakage and transmission of noise. Proper wind deflectors are set in the air inlet and exhaust channels to prevent the noise from spreading directly outside the chassis. At the same time, the path of the sound absorption channel is lengthened to control the noise more effectively.


(3) Sound absorption design.

The sound absorbing materials are laid in the speaker body and the air inlet and outlet channels, which can absorb a lot of noise and reduce the transmission of noise. The longer the air inlet and exhaust channel is, the better the noise reduction effect will be, but it will increase the wind resistance and weaken the ventilation conditions. The balance should be achieved during the design. It is better to obtain the best combination structure and parameters through tests. The sound absorbing material is generally made of glass fiber cotton with punched plate on the surface, or foam sponge. The former has good sound absorption and high temperature resistance, while the latter has strong manufacturing process. The super sound proof unit can be realized by thickening the sound absorbing material and extending the air inlet and exhaust channels, but the volume of the chassis will also increase.


(4) Noise reduction design of exhaust system.

Due to the wide frequency band of exhaust noise, industrial and residential combined silencers are usually used to control high and low frequency noise respectively. The industrial muffler mainly uses sound absorbing materials to reduce the noise in the high frequency band. Residential muffler mainly uses the interference, compression and expansion of gas to reduce the noise in the middle and low frequency band.


The muffler and its exhaust pipe and elbow will cause resistance to the exhaust of the diesel engine. During the structural design, the back pressure must be controlled within the allowable range, especially when the smoke exhaust pipe needs to be lengthened, strict verification should be carried out to avoid the drop of output power, or even the failure of the unit to operate normally.


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