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What Are The Correct Starting Requirements For Yuchai Diesel Generators

Jul. 27, 2021

Before the Yuchai diesel generator is started or put into operation mode button switch, it is necessary to check whether the battery charging power supply, control, signal system power supply, cooling water temperature control, air system, fuel system and lubricating oil system are normal before it is officially put into use.


The main reason for the scrapped diesel engine of the diesel generator set is wear, and the wear during start-up accounts for 42.4%-50.3% of the total wear. Experiments have proved that when the cylinder wall temperature is 5℃, the wear of a diesel engine from improper start is equivalent to the wear of a wheeled machine running 60-80 kilometers or a tracked machine running 0.5-lh. When the cylinder wall temperature is -15°C, the wear amount of an improper start is equivalent to the wear amount of a wheeled machine running 150-210 kilometers or a crawler machine running for 2-4 hours. Therefore, correct starting is essential to prolong the service life of diesel generator sets.


Starting method of Yuchai diesel generator

I. Normal starting requirements. When starting diesel for the first time every day, the following points should be done: 1. Carry out routine inspections such as oil level and coolant level before starting; 2. Separate the working device to ensure that the diesel engine starts without load; 3. Pull the throttle lever to a quarter of the full throttle; 4. Start the diesel engine. As soon as the diesel engine catches fire, immediately release the start switch.


diesel generator set

II. Winter start requirements for Yuchai diesel generators. 1. Check before starting. Carefully check the quantity and quality of the oil in the oil pan and the tightness of the connections of each part. 2. Warm up before starting. Experiments have found that when the temperature is lower than 10°C, the use of the cold weather starting auxiliary preheating device of the diesel engine can only start the diesel engine quickly, and cannot solve the problem of increased start-up wear of the diesel engine under cold conditions. Therefore, when the temperature is lower than -3°C, it is best to use the cold weather starting aid in combination with external preheating. For example, directly add hot water above 50C to the cooling system, or use a combustion preheater in the cold season to spray hot air above 300℃ after burning with diesel to quickly increase the body temperature, reduce the oil viscosity, and reduce the starting resistance. This method is simple and convenient, and the effect is obvious.


III. It is recommended to add a backup battery for pre-operation. Before starting the fire, use the starter to drive the diesel engine to rotate at a speed of 150-200r/min to make the body temperature reach 50-60r/min.


Precautions for starting Yuchai diesel generator:

1. Every time it starts, the starter cannot work continuously for more than 10s. If it fails to start three times in a row, it must be stopped for at least 1 minute before it can be started.

2. Can not be put into use immediately after starting. The diesel engine should be idle for a few minutes, and put into load operation after the temperature of each part rises relatively.

3. Pay attention to the oil pressure after starting.

4. Never start with load.

5. The no-load low-speed running time after starting should not exceed 20 minutes.


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