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What Are The Advantages Of Diesel Generator Set Equipped With ATS

Jan. 07, 2022

In modern society, always maintaining a stable output of electricity is very important for the daily production and business activities of enterprises, but due to various uncontrollable factors, power outages also occur from time to time. Therefore, many enterprises such as: construction sites, schools, restaurants services, hotels, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, factories, warehouses, etc., are all equipped with backup diesel generators equipped with automatic transfer switches (ATS). So this article Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will tell you about ATS and what advantages it has that are worthy of being sought after by the majority of users.


What is an automatic transfer switch (ATS)?

The automatic transfer switch (ATS) can automatically switch the power from the utility grid to the standby diesel generator when the power grid is out of power. The existence of this intelligent automatic transfer switch means that when a power failure occurs, the standby diesel generator will automatically start, without the need for special guards or manual activation. In addition, because of its existence, when the utility grid restores power, the diesel generator does not need to be manually shut down. It will automatically shut down the diesel generator and switch the power back to the utility grid.


Why is it necessary to configure an automatic transfer switch (ATS)?

In modern times, many machines and equipment are heavily dependent on electricity. In the event of a sudden power failure, the introduced precision instruments or equipment may be damaged. At the same time, if there is no automatic transfer switch (ATS), manual power is required. Manually start the diesel generator, which will cause waste of time and manpower, and is no longer suitable for the requirements of modern intelligent society. Especially for some enterprises that cannot delay the restoration of power supply, they should be equipped with generators with automatic transfer switches. Automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a safe way to ensure electricity for your business and customers.


diesel generator

Although the installation and use of a backup diesel generator can also be installed and used without an automatic transfer switch (ATS), the automatic transfer switch (ATS) can ensure that the power supply is seamlessly switched in the event of a momentary power failure. Although diesel generators are equipped with manual transfer switches, the generators must be turned on and off manually. This is troublesome for many companies and affects work efficiency.


Benefits of automatic transfer switch (ATS)

1. Security

Any business owner should know the importance of safe production to the normal operation of their business. Unsafe electricity has many hidden dangers. For example, in addition to destroying the image of the company, any incident that causes the safety of employees or customers may be a serious liability issue. A diesel generator equipped with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) can ensure that the generator is automatically started and the power is transmitted back to the enterprise during a power outage, thereby reducing these risks. In any case, safety is always one of the main reasons why companies choose to invest in standby diesel generators.


2. Reliability

When it comes to the reasons for buying diesel generators, reliability is probably the most important thing for most companies. Understanding that electricity will continue to be provided to businesses without interruption is particularly important for many businesses. For many companies, access to electricity is absolutely crucial. For example, in a medical institution, if there is no power source, patients may not be able to obtain the medical equipment they need. The automatic transfer switch (ATS) can ensure that the power supply is restored immediately, regardless of the cause of the power outage. Even in companies where power supply is not that important, ATS is still necessary.


3. Simple

No matter how complicated your life or business is, when you have a diesel generator equipped with an automatic transfer switch (ATS), for many companies, the power supply can be restored immediately during a power outage to ensure that the normal production and operation of the company will not be affected by the power outage.


Through the above introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of the automatic transfer switch (ATS) of diesel generator set? When purchasing diesel generator sets, users can decide whether to equip with automatic transfer switch (ATS) according to their actual needs and budget. No matter which type of diesel generator set you choose, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. welcomes you to come to consult and visit.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional generators, diesel generator sets, non-moving generator sets, Cummins generator sets, Volvo generator sets, etc. It has 64 sales and service departments across the country, providing users with design, supply, debugging, and maintenance at any time. Welcome customers to come to consult and visit. Looking forward to your inquiry, please send email to us for details sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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