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What Are Requirements of Diesel Generator Set Foundation?

Mar. 28, 2020

What are requirements of diesel generator set foundation? 500kw diesel generator set manufacturer answers for you.

Diesel generator set is an indispensable emergency equipment, which is required for the installation environment. The foundation of diesel generator set shall be built on the hard soil ground, a 200mm thick concrete ground shall be made, and the ground shall be flat. After leveling, the unit shall be placed on the foundation to make each fulcrum contact evenly. The uneven expenditure can be padded with sheet steel or rubber. Finally, the pressing plate or bolt shall be used for fastening, and no looseness is allowed in use.

The foundation structure of diesel generator set shall be determined according to the soil structure of the foundation. Generally, the foundation depth is 0.7-1m, and the foundation can be 150 mm higher than the plane or as flat as the plane. The length and width of the foundation are 200 mm larger than the length and width of the baseplate.

The foundation bottom shall be solid. When pouring concrete, the fixed anchor hole shall be reserved according to the position of the fixed hole of the base. The hole size is 120x120mm, the hole bottom size is 160x160mm, and the hole depth is 450mm for fixing bolts (the fixing bolt is M18).

generator foundation

The generator set can use the foot hole of the common chassis as the fixed installation, or it can also use the press plate type installation. When the press plate type is fixed, the width of the foundation foot hole shall be calculated and widened.


The space around the diesel generator set shall not be less than 1 m, and the ventilation window shall be reserved at the water tank end according to the size of the water tank core. This requirement is the minimum size of the machine room of the unit, which can be increased by the user as required.

For open type diesel generators, the machine room shall be well ventilated and the ground shall be flat and antiskid. Fire fighting tools such as fire extinguishers shall be provided in the machine room.


For generators requiring direct neutral grounding, the generating set shell must have reliable protective grounding.

The layout of various pipelines such as ventilation, water supply and drainage, oil supply, smoke exhaust and cables shall be carefully considered in the layout of generator unit equipment. The length of pipelines shall be minimized to avoid crossing and bending.

The layout of the diesel generator set shall meet the requirements of the process, pay attention to noise reduction, vibration isolation, ventilation and heat dissipation, and shall be equipped with facilities to ensure lighting and fire protection, so as to be neat and beautiful, and strive to create good use conditions and operation environment.


The area of the machine room should be considered according to the number of units, power and future expansion. On the premise of meeting the requirements, the construction area of the power station shall be reduced as much as possible to achieve economic rationality.

In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the unit, the machine room shall be provided with thermal insulation measures, and the heating and cooling of the machine room shall preferably be carried out by heating or air conditioning.


The best scheme of unit installation is to place and fix the unit with concrete foundation, which can make the unit run stably and reduce vibration.

The concrete foundation shall meet the following requirements:

1.The bearing weight of concrete foundation shall be designed as 1.5 times of the self weight of the unit, so as to support the weight of the whole unit and the dynamic impact load generated by the unbalanced force during the operation of the unit;

2.The subsoil under the concrete foundation must also have enough bearing strength to bear the weight of the unit and the concrete foundation;

3.The concrete foundation shall be as smooth as possible, with enough hardness and stability, so as to avoid affecting the coaxiality of diesel engine, main alternator and accessories due to its deformation;

4.The concrete foundation shall have the function of shock absorption, which can greatly absorb the vibration generated during the operation of the unit, and try to avoid transmitting vibration to the foundation and walls. For example, if the unit is installed on the floor of the building, it is recommended to install a spring shock absorber between the unit base and the concrete foundation;

5.During the construction of concrete foundation, the power distribution and output cable trench of generator shall be reserved, if possible, the drainage trench can be reserved to facilitate the discharge of waste water and oil;

6.The concrete foundation is a reliable and simple installation method, which is recommended to be used by users first. When pouring the concrete foundation, the surface of the concrete shall be smooth and free from any damage. It is recommended that the user use a level meter or similar instrument to install the unit and its exhaust system. 

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