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Ways to Eliminate the Fault of Generator Set Cylinder Cushion

Aug. 31, 2023

Cylinder flushing pad is a common fault in generator sets, and there are various forms of cylinder flushing pad, with the common feature being abnormal noise. Due to the varying degrees of impact on the cylinder cushion, the abnormal sound generated is also different. This article explains the troubleshooting methods based on the varying degrees of cylinder cushion faults in three Hongqi 120 bulldozer generator sets.

standby genset

When a bulldozer is cold started, there are two knocking sounds of "dang" and "dang", and a white smoke is emitted first. The generator set catches fire only after black smoke is emitted. When suddenly increasing the throttle, there is also a knocking sound, and after the throttle stabilizes, the abnormal sound basically disappears. If there is still a knocking sound when suddenly increasing the throttle repeatedly. During the cylinder cutout inspection, it was found that the abnormal noise occurred in cylinder VI. Suspect that the fuel injector needle is stuck. Dismantle and inspect, the results are normal. When removing the VI cylinder head, it was found that there was black smoke burning on the cylinder gasket. It turned out that the cylinder head bolts were very tight (with a torque of 250N · m), but the cylinder head and gasket could not be pressed tightly because there was a water blockage on the body that was higher than the upper plane of the body. Replace the cylinder gasket and ensure that the water blockage height is lower than the upper plane of the engine body. After reinstallation, the abnormal noise disappears and the generator set operates normally.

The phenomenon of another bulldozer is that the generator set makes a "honk, honk" sound when idling. When the fuel supply of the V cylinder is cut off, the sound weakens until it disappears. I once suspected that it was caused by a large amount of idle oil in the V cylinder, but reducing it was of no use. When the large and medium oil valves are running, the abnormal noise is not obvious. The valve clearance is normal. When starting the generator set and forcefully increasing the throttle, there is a knocking sound of "dang, dang", repeatedly increasing the throttle, and smoke comes from the V-cylinder gasket. After inspection, it was found that the faults were all caused by the flushing of the cylinder gasket.

There is also a bulldozer that makes a noticeable noise when loaded. When the throttle is small and unloaded. The abnormal noise is not obvious. When the load is repeatedly applied, the sound is obvious and there is air escaping between the cylinder heads of cylinders III and IV. Cylinder cutout inspection found. The III cylinder gasket was burned. After replacing the cylinder gasket, the problem was resolved.

The Hongqi 120 bulldozer is equipped with a 6130 diesel engine (one cylinder, one cover). There are relatively few failures of cylinder head gasket, most of which are caused by the cylinder head bolts not being tightened according to the specified torque and sequence (2-3 times).

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