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Ways To Effectively Extend The Life Of Diesel Generator Sets

Jul. 20, 2021

Diesel generator sets are expensive, and a unit can cost hundreds of thousands of millions. Therefore, users must pay attention to regular maintenance. Before the diesel generator set fails, prevent it in advance, which can effectively improve the economy of the diesel generator set. At the same time, it can also extend the service life of diesel generator sets. The following points are the more important parts. We hope that users will keep in mind.


1. Do a good job in the daily inspection of diesel generators, including the amount of fuel in the fuel tank and the amount of fuel stored, to ensure that the amount of fuel is sufficient and timely refill according to demand.


2. The oil level of the oil pan should be checked regularly and timely to ensure that it can reach the engraved mark on the oil gauge, and replenish according to the specified amount in time.


diesel engine

3.Check the conditions of water, oil and gas in time, deal with the leakage of oil and water on the sealing surfaces of oil and water pipe joints in time, and eliminate the leakage of exhaust pipes and cylinder head gaskets and turbochargers in time. Solve the problem from the root cause.


4. Inspect the installation situation and stability of the various accessories of the diesel engine in time, and check the connection between the anchor bolts and the working machinery in a timely manner to ensure the reliability.


5. Observe and check all meters in time to ensure that the readings are normal, and repair and replace in time if there is a failure.


For diesel generator sets, preventive maintenance is the most economical. It can ensure the normal operation of diesel generator sets and also lays a solid foundation for extending the service life of diesel generator sets.


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