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Ways To Clean Up The Carbon Deposits Of Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 28, 2021

Accumulation of a large amount of carbon on the surface of Yuchai diesel generator set parts will cause the stiffness and strength of the set to decrease, and in severe cases, it will also cause serious accidents such as fuel injection nozzle sintering, valve ablation, piston ring jamming, and cylinder pulling. The large accumulation of carbon deposits will also pollute the lubrication system of the unit, block the oil circuit and filter, and shorten the service life of the diesel generator set, so it must be removed in time. This article, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will introduce you to the cleaning methods for excessive carbon deposits in Yuchai diesel generator sets.


1. The nucleus spray method.

The core spray method is a method of spraying the crushed walnut, peach, and apricot core shell particles onto the surface of Yuchai diesel generator set parts to remove carbon deposits by using high-speed airflow. The nuclear spray method requires special equipment to form a high-speed airflow, which is highly efficient, thorough and clean, and the cost is relatively high, so it is not recommended.


2. Chemical method.

Chemical method is to use a chemical solvent-decarburizing agent to soften the carbon deposits on the surface of the unit parts, so that it loses the ability to bond with metals, and then remove the softened carbon deposits. The advantages of this method are high efficiency, good effect of removing carbon deposits, and not easy to damage the surface of parts. The decarburizer is generally composed of four components: coke solvent, diluent, slow release agent and active agent. There are many types of decarburizing agents, such as steel decarburizing agents and aluminum decarburizing agents according to different metal parts materials. This is because some decarburizing agents contain chemically corrosive components (such as caustic soda) in aluminum products, so they are only suitable for decarburizing steel parts.


Yuchai diesel generator set

3. Mechanical law.

The mechanical method is to use wire brush, scraper, bamboo or emery cloth to remove carbon deposits. Special brushes and scrapers can be made according to the shape of the parts to be cleaned. For example, fine copper wire brushes can be used to remove carbon deposits around the nozzle holes of the injector. For brushing, the pressure chamber is made of copper wire and a special needle is inserted and scraped. Carbon deposits on valve guides and valve seats can be removed with cylindrical metal brushes.


The mechanical method for removing carbon deposits has low efficiency and poor removal quality, and some parts are difficult to scrape clean, and many small scratches will be left, which become the growth points of new carbon deposits and destroy the roughness of parts. Therefore, this method is not suitable for parts with high precision.


The above is the cleaning method for excessive carbon deposits of Yuchai diesel generator set introduced by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.. Different methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Users can choose the most suitable carbon removal method according to the actual situation.


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