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Water Quality Control Measures for Generator Internal Cooling Water System

Apr. 03, 2023

With the improvement of science and technology, in the current generator market, high parameter and large capacity generators are emerging in an endless stream, and generators are more often designed for water cooling. For generators equipped with internal cooling water systems, water quality control measures are indispensable.

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Since internal cooling water is used as a cooling medium in a high-voltage electric field, various quality requirements must be based on ensuring the safe and economic operation of the generator. The quality of the cooling water inside the generator should meet the following technical requirements:

1. There should be sufficient insulation performance (i.e., low conductivity) to prevent short circuit of the generator coil.

2. There is no corrosion to the generator copper conductor and internal cooling water system.

3. Impurities in the cold water inside the generator are not allowed to scale in the hollow conductor to avoid reducing the cooling effect, causing overheating of the generator coil, leading to insulation aging and failure.

There are many methods for controlling the quality of cooling water in generators. For small units with a capacity of less than 125MW, the methods of adding copper corrosion inhibitors and frequently replacing internal cooling water are generally used to meet the water quality control requirements, while for large units, the process of treating internal cooling water using a small mixed bed bypass provided by the generator manufacturer is used. The former can slow down the corrosion of copper bars, but it may cause the formation of copper and corrosion inhibitor complex precipitation, which may lead to blockage of the cold water channel inside the copper bars; The latter can reduce the conductivity of the internal cooling water, but cannot prevent corrosion of the generator copper bars.

It is worth noting that the water quality of the generator's internal cooling water system, the insulation performance of the generator to the ground, and the corrosion rate of the copper bars are closely related. It can be said that the water quality control measures of the internal cooling water system can directly affect the operating condition of the generator. Therefore, Starlight reminds everyone that it is necessary to properly control the water quality of the generator's internal cooling water system.

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