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Warm up Mode of Ricardo Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 21, 2023

The diesel engine of Ricardo diesel generator set shall be warmed up at a low speed after starting, generally 600r/min, and then the speed can be gradually increased. It is not allowed to suddenly increase the speed due to sudden refueling. The reasons are as follows:

Ricardo diesel generator

The temperature of the diesel engine of Ricardo diesel generator set is low, and the oil viscosity is high. The oil cannot enter the bearing clearance and between the piston and the cylinder liner quickly.

1. When the diesel engine of Ricardo diesel generator set is not running, all the journals are pressed on the bearings. Under normal circumstances, there is only a small amount of oil film between the journals and bearings. When the engine is just started, there is almost dry friction between the journals and bearings. The machine gradually heats up. When the engine temperature gradually rises, the oil becomes thinner and the oil is gradually pressed into the bearings and between the gaps of moving parts, forming an oil film for lubrication.

2. The diesel engine of Ricardo diesel generator set has just started. If the fuel valve is suddenly added, the following consequences will be caused: (1) The fuel supply will suddenly increase, and the speed will suddenly increase from low speed to high speed, which will produce an impact on the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism. The parts with gaps will produce a knock, which will affect its strength and increase wear; (2) Due to the sudden increase in oil volume and insufficient supply of suction volume for a short period of time, black smoke will be generated, which not only wastes oil but also generates carbon deposits and increases wear and tear; (3) Opening the throttle suddenly, the speed suddenly increases, and the governor action cannot take effect in time, often resulting in instant overspeed and other consequences.

After the diesel engine of Ricardo diesel generator set is started, the following problems shall be noted during no-load operation within the minimum speed range:

1. The pressure indicated by the oil pressure gauge should be within the range of (200~500) kPa, but different models of diesel engines have specific regulations.

2. Check for oil and water leaks at the connections between external piping systems and components.

3. Observe whether the exhaust smoke of the diesel engine of Ricardo diesel generator set is normal and whether there is abnormal noise during operation.

4. The no-load low-speed operation time should not be too long to avoid coking in the combustion chamber. Therefore, the speed should be gradually increased from 60r/min to around 1000r/min for warm-up.

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