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Various Methods Of Adjusting Diesel Generators

Oct. 24, 2021

Diesel generators are composed of generators, engines and other parts. To make the unit run, all parts must be debugged before it can be put into use. So, how should the main components of diesel generators be repaired?


First, adjust the fuel supply advance angle. In order to maximize fuel consumption, in general, the fuel supply angle should be adjusted in advance after the diesel generator has been running for 500 hours or when the fuel injection pump adjustment device is replaced or the diesel generator set is reinstalled.


The second is the valve clearance adjustment. When the cylinder head gasket, piston ring or cylinder head gasket of the diesel generator leaks, the cylinder head must be tightened according to the torque. Considering that the valve clearance is too large, the opening is late (generally speaking, the intake valve opens early and the exhaust valve closes late), insufficient intake and unclean exhaust, resulting in poor exhaust of diesel generators.


The third is hydraulic trimming. Diesel engine lubrication generally has the following two forms: splash lubrication under lubricating pressure, too low or too high oil pressure will affect the lubrication quality of diesel engine, so the oil pressure must be controlled within the specified range during use.


diesel engine

The fourth is to adjust the regulator. During the operation of diesel generators, problems such as immobility of the charging pointer of the ammeter and too large or too small charging current are likely to occur. When the charging current is too large, the life cycle of the battery will become shorter. If it is too small, it cannot be charged in time. When using a diesel generator, if the charging current displayed by the ammeter is found to be too large, the current limiting spring of the voltage regulator should be trimmed to make the spring shorter. At this time, the current becomes smaller, and vice versa. When trimming the edges, be careful not to use too much force and touch lightly until it meets the requirements.


Fifth, the fan belt is repaired. Excessive tightening of the fan belt of the diesel generator set will aggravate the wear of the generator's direct bearing, pump bearing and fan bearing, resulting in insufficient air volume of the fan and affecting the cooling effect of the cooling water. At the same time, the output voltage of the generator decreases and the pump flow rate decreases, which cannot meet the requirements of use. Therefore, the fan belt must be trimmed according to the requirements of use.


Decompression adjustment of diesel generator. During use, the diesel generator is difficult to start due to weather, insufficient battery power, etc. At this time, the operator can take the method of reducing the pressure of the diesel generator inlet to reduce the compression ratio and increase the starting resistance, so as to realize the unit start.


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