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Users Must Carefully Consider The Choice Of Fuel And Oil

Aug. 28, 2023

Generators are used in a variety of industries. In order to ensure its smooth work, users must pay attention to the selection and use of fuel and oil. According to the type of generator, the fuel can be diesel or gasoline. In order to reduce the wear and tear of parts, Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recommends, do not use leaded fuel, as using this fuel can cause combustion to produce particulate matter that can cause engine failure. Regarding the selection and use of fuel and oil, Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. makes the following suggestions:


Suitable for domestic first-class and high-grade diesel for diesel generators: l-0.2-40 in summer, 3-0.2-35.3-0.2-62 in winter. Gasoline generators use gasoline recommended by the manufacturer in the instructions. Four-stroke engines use pure gasoline, and two-stroke engines use a mixture of gasoline and oil. For engines with laterally arranged valves, use gasoline with an octane rating of not less than 77 (a-80, ai-92, ai-95, ai-98). If the alternator engine has a valve (OHV mark), the octane rating of the fuel should be not less than 85 (ai-92, ai-95, ai-98).


In order to prevent the fuel from running out at the most inopportune time and to prevent the facility from being cut off, care should be taken to have sufficient reserves. It must be calculated based on how often the generator is used and how many liters are consumed per hour. For example, portable units can consume about 1-2 liters per hour, while strong fixed units can consume more than 10 liters per hour.


Oil is an indispensable consumable for generators. It is used to lubricate the rolling parts of the reducer and the engine and reduce their wear. When the equipment is running, an adequate oil level in the crankcase should be maintained to avoid engine shutdown and serious failure. In addition, after the commissioning (after 5 hours before work), and every 20~50 hours and during the seasonal maintenance of the generator, the waste components need to be replaced. However, the first leak of oil cannot be filled at will, as each engine type and operating condition has a specific composition.


Formulations are marked with two letters according to the API system (American Petroleum Products Institute). The type of fuel used is determined by the first letter: S-gasoline, c-diesel. The second letter in the label indicates the quality characteristics of the oil, depending on the use of special additives. For example, oils marked a, b and c are low grades. For generator diesel engine it is recommended to use high quality oil marked CD, CE or CF-4, gasoline is SJ, SL. Also, 2-ht and 4-ht engines use different oils (indicated on the packaging).


Cummins power generator set

Mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oils are distinguished by composition. Among them are special additives that impart quality properties such as viscosity and fluidity. Note that these properties may change under different temperature conditions, so each ingredient has its own operating temperature range. For example, mineral oil is great for use in positive temperatures, but once the temperature drops below zero, the mineral oil can crystallize and the generator engine won't start. This is why it is important to differentiate oils by season of use.


Use an all-season (or "multi-temperature") SAE10W30 type oil when the air temperature exceeds +4°C, and be prepared to flow too much compared to flight oil. Therefore, the oil level must be checked and topped up more frequently than normal to prevent the engine from wearing parts.


When changing from mineral oil to synthetic oil (or vice versa), it is recommended to drain the old oil completely and inject new oil to avoid additive incompatibility when mixing. This way, you can avoid serious problems with engine operation and related repairs.


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