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Useful Maintenance Tips for Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 03, 2018

The correct maintenance of diesel generator set is the key to prolong the service life and reduce the cost of diesel generator. Meanwhile, proper maintenance can also keep diesel generator working efficiently. How to maintain diesel generator set? The useful tips are as follows: 

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1. After the installation of the diesel generator set, the sealing inspection should be done before starting. In addition, the generator must be started under no load.

2. For the newly purchased diesel genset, it must be run in 60 hours before used.

3. After the start of diesel generator set, it must be run 3-5 min under no load, then it can be allowed to accelerate and load. When the water temperature is higher than 75℃, the oil temperature is higher than 50℃, and the engine oil pressure is higher than 0.25MPa, it can be allowed to work normally.


4. For the new supercharged diesel engine or the new replacement supercharger, which must remove the inlet connector on supercharger, filling in 50-60ml engine oil to prevent burning out turbo-charger bearing due to the lack of oil at startup.

5. When the diesel generator set runs, you should observe the operation of the generator and the indicator value of all instruments. In case of emergency, you should adopt emergency shutdown measures to prevent diesel generator from being killed due to water shortage overheating or oil pressure loss.

6.  In general, it is not allowed to start diesel generator set without air filter (Except for marine diesel generator sets). This can prevent dust and impurities entering the diesel engine so as to avoid the early wear of diesel genset.

7. For the running diesel generator set, it should be careful to prevent steam wounding when filling coolant liquid. Only when the water temperature is below 70℃ can allow to open pressure cap.

8. Diesel generating set shall be in the parking state when adjusting the belt tension and other driving devices.

9. When the diesel generator set is stopped, especially in winter, without using anti-freezing coolant, all the cooling water in the cooling tank should be drained to prevent machine from cracking.

10. The diesel engine is not allowed to be directly cooled by seawater. In case of the thermolator for controling  water temperature is out of order, it should be promptly replaced instead of removing.

11. Users are not allowed to remove all seals on the diesel generator set. If necessary, the machine should be repaired or adjusted by professional company.

12. Regularly checking the fastening bolts and nuts to check whether they are loose or not.

13. It should be careful to avoid acid wounding when supplementing the battery electrolyte.

14. When the diesel generator set is not used for a long time or in the maintenance, in order to prevent the diesel engine starting in accident, the connecting wire between the generator and the battery should be removed.

15. When filling the engine oil, different specifications of the lubricating oil can't be mixed use.

16. Doing a thorough cleaning to the engine body every month, without grease, dust and sundries including equipments, accessories, and cleaning and oil storage of tools.

17. According to the requirements for the use of genset and the climate natural environmental condition, safeguard procedures should be taken timely especially for mobile generating set. In winter, you should promptly replace antifreeze oil and cooling liquid. In summer, you should strengthen sunstroke prevention and cooling measures. The outdoor work gensets should be covered with tent in order to prevent sun exposure. In the rainy season, moistureproofing should be taken into account.

The maintenance tips mentioned above are shared by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. Hope it is useful for all users. Our company is a leading manufacturer of producting diesel generator, and it is also one of earlier diesel engine and generator manufacturers in China. Our company has advanced detection equipments, modern production technology, professional manufacturing technology, perfect quality management system and excellent R & D strength. So far, Starlight has already established 64 sale and service departments all over the country. At any time, we can provide customers with design, supply, debugging, and maintenance one-stop service.

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