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Under What Conditions, We Can not Start Cummins Diesel Generator

Nov. 04, 2020


Before we start Cummins diesel generator set, check whether everything is ready well. We should start it until meeting start-up conditions. Under what conditions, we can not start Cummins diesel generator? Today Starlight Power shares with you.


1.No cooling water or add boiling water to start the generator set, and then add cooling water.

It will make the hot cylinder liner, cylinder head and other important parts burst or deform due to sudden cold; the sudden addition of 100 ℃ boiling water into the cold generator body will also crack the cylinder head and body, should be added when the water temperature drops to 60 ~ 70 ℃.


2.Failure to supply oil as required.

We should not put the pressure reducing handle to the "working" position before Cummins diesel generator starting, but should put the throttle handle on the oil supply position before starting. The harm of not operating according to this regulation is: waste of fuel; surplus diesel will wash the cylinder wall, which will worsen the lubrication between piston, piston ring and cylinder liner, and aggravate the wear; the residual oil flowing into the oil pan will dilute the oil and reduce the lubrication effect; excessive diesel oil in the cylinder will not completely burn and form carbon deposit.


3.Cold start diesel generator.

When the diesel engine is cold and the engine oil is viscous, the pull-down start-up will aggravate the wear between the moving parts, thus reducing the service life of the diesel generator set.


4.Changing lubricating oil and fuel oil on time.

In the cold weather season, it is difficult to start the diesel generator if the lubricating oil and fuel oil with low viscosity are not replaced in time.

 Cummins diesel generator

5.Bake the oil pan with an open fire and start it at the intake pipe.

In order to prevent fire, the oil pan of the diesel generator shall be baked with slow fire and coal fire at a certain distance. Meanwhile, the oil shaft shall be slowly rotated to make the oil evenly heated and all parts shall be lubricated. If the ignition is started at the intake pipe of the diesel generator, the ash and hard debris produced by material combustion will be sucked into the cylinder, resulting in the intake and exhaust valves not being closed tightly and speeding up the cylinder wear.

6.Long time use of glow plug and flame preheater.

The heating bodies of the glow plug and flame preheater are all electric heating wires, and their power consumption and calorific value are very large. If used for a long time, the battery may be damaged due to rapid discharge, and the heating wire can also be burnt out. Therefore, the time of continuous use of the glow plug should not exceed 1 minute, and the time of continuous use of the flame preheater should be controlled within 20 seconds.


7.Directly adding oil to cylinder.

Adding engine oil into the cylinder can increase the temperature and increase the pressure of sealing, which is convenient for the cold start of diesel generator. However, the engine oil can not be completely burned, which is easy to produce carbon deposit, which weakens the elasticity of piston ring and reduces the sealing performance of cylinder.

In addition, it will accelerate the wear of cylinder liner, which will reduce the power of diesel generator and make it more difficult to start. Therefore, oil can not be directly added to the cylinder.


8.Direct injection of gasoline into the intake pipe.

The ignition point of gasoline is lower than that of diesel oil, and it burns earlier than diesel oil. Therefore, if the gasoline is directly injected into the intake pipe, the engine will work rough and produce strong cylinder knocking phenomenon. In serious cases, the generator can be reversed.


9.Long time continuous start diesel generator.

The generator is working under the condition of low voltage and high current, and the battery will be damaged if it is used for a long time. Its continuous working time shall not exceed 5 seconds; if it fails to start at one time, it shall be started again every 15 seconds.

10.High speed operation at the moment of starting.

When the diesel generator is just started, the temperature of lubricating oil is low and the fluidity is poor. If the diesel genset runs at high speed immediately, it is easy to cause sharp wear of moving parts due to lack of lubrication, and in serious cases, bush burning and shaft holding will occur.


Hope we can pay attentions to above worry operation. Only by carefully implementing the operation manual of diesel generator set, can we ensure that the diesel generator set will not have faults and extend the service life of the generator set, so that the generator set can provide effective power supply in time when necessary.


Starlight Power not only provides technical support, but also is a manufacturer of diesel generator set in Jiangsu China, covering Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Deutz, Yuchai, Shangchai, Ricardo, Weichai etc. Power range is from 25kva to 3125kva. If you have purchasing order, welcome to contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com. 

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