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Types Of Industrial And Civil Emergency Power Loads

Aug. 18, 2021

Once a power outage occurs in many modern large-scale industrial enterprises and civil construction projects, it will cause serious chaos in the production process, equipment damage, economic losses, and even personal injury. These enterprises or buildings are equipped with their own emergency diesel generator sets. The emergency diesel generator sets are mainly used to allow instantaneous power outages after an accidental blackout, and hope to quickly restore the power load for an extended period of power supply, which is called a first-class load. Equipment, instruments and computer systems that have strict requirements for power outage time should be equipped with storage batteries or powered by uninterruptible power supply (UPS). There are roughly the following types of emergency power loads for general industrial enterprises and civil construction projects.


1. Shut down the equipment safely. Devices of this type have AC electric valves specially designed for handling accidents, including electric valves that close toxic or radioactive pollution-hazard liquids and gases, or open electric valves that vent flammable and explosive gases.


2. Due to the requirements of the process flow, the equipment that is expected to continue to operate within a certain period of time when it is stopped, such as a motor for heat dissipation or stirring.


diesel generator

3. When the factory has large turbines, their lubricating oil pumps, sealed oil pumps, electric cranking and other AC auxiliary equipment.


4. Fire-fighting equipment, such as fire hydrant pumps, spray pumps, smoke exhausters, pressurized fans, electric valves for smoke prevention and exhaust, rolling shutter doors, fire elevators, fire alarm devices, etc.


5.Electrical equipment for security and management systems and communication systems.


6. Traffic accident lighting, evacuation sign lighting, aviation obstruction lights.


7. Electric loads that must be guaranteed for life, such as elevators, drinking water pumps, domestic water supplies, drainage pumps, etc.


8. In order to play the role of emergency power stations, some factories usually use emergency power stations to supply peak load electricity to cut the daily load curve and save basic electricity bills. When city power fails, some civil construction projects use emergency power stations to supply economically efficient restaurants, shopping malls, multi-function halls, conference halls, etc. for lighting and air-conditioning power to improve the economic benefits of emergency power stations.


The above is the emergency power load types of industrial enterprises and civil construction projects introduced by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. The work of emergency power stations has two characteristics.


The first is for emergency use, the continuous working time is not long, generally only need to run continuously for a few hours, no more than 12h at most. The second is for backup. The emergency generator set is usually shut down and waiting for an emergency start. Only when the main power supply fails, the emergency generator set will start and run to supply the emergency power load. When the main power supply returns to normal, it switches to shutdown immediately.


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