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Types Of Fans For Diesel Generator Sets And Precautions For Use

Aug. 09, 2022

The function of the fan of the diesel generator set is to increase the flow rate of the air flowing through the core of the radiator and improve the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator. Diesel generator set fans generally have the characteristics of large air volume, good cooling effect and low noise. Different specifications of fans can be used according to different models and rated power of diesel generator sets. There are two types of fans: suction type and blower type. Users can choose one of them when ordering.


When the diesel generator set is working, according to its rotation direction, according to the principle that the concave arc surface of the fan blade should be the air pressure surface, it is judged whether the fan is a blowing type or a suction type. For example, looking at the front end of the diesel engine, if the fan's air pressure surface (concave arc surface) faces you, it is a blowing type. Otherwise, when the non-pressure air surface (convex arc surface) faces you, it is a suction type. When installing the fan, do not install it in reverse, otherwise the non-pressure air surface of the fan blade will become the air pressure surface, which will affect the fan air volume and reduce the heat dissipation effect of the radiator.


Diesel generator set is a kind of sophisticated mechanical equipment. Any component needs to be in good condition before it can run safely and efficiently. Fans are no exception. Users should pay attention to the following three items:


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1. Regularly check whether the installation of the fan is firm, and whether all the fan blades have obvious bending deformation. If found, it should be replaced immediately, so as to avoid accidents such as breaking the fan blades and breaking the water radiator due to the deterioration of the balance of the fan.


2. Regularly adjust the tightness of the triangular rubber belt. Too tightness will cause excessive wear of the bearing, too looseness will reduce the air volume of the fan and affect the heat dissipation effect of the generator set.


3. Regularly add an appropriate amount of butter to the straight-through oil filling cup.


The above is an introduction to the types of diesel generator fans and precautions for use. Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. reminds you that if you find that the fan is damaged or skewed, you must not continue to use it and replace it in time.


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