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Types of Cooling Systems for Diesel Generator Sets

Dec. 18, 2023

The cooling system is an important component of diesel generator sets. During operation, diesel generator sets will generate high temperatures due to the combustion of fuel and friction of moving parts. Poor cooling of diesel generator sets and high temperature of components can easily cause unit failures. The role of the cooling system is to transfer some heat from each heated component to maintain normal operating temperature of the set. Different types and capacities of diesel generator sets have different cooling forms. In this article, Dingbo Power will introduce several common types of cooling systems for diesel generator sets.

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1. Connected radiator cooling system

This cooling method is the standard cooling system for diesel generator sets. The radiator is installed together with the engine, and the fan is installed coaxially with the engine, powered by the engine crankshaft. The vast majority of Kang'erxin generator units use this cooling method. Unless otherwise specified, all the design schemes mentioned in this manual are based on this system. Due to its reliable operation and simple installation.

2. Split type radiator cooling system

Commonly known as the remote water tank cooling system, due to the limitations of the computer room environment, most of the cooling radiators are required to be disassembled and separated from the unit due to poor ventilation in the computer room. They are installed in an environment with easy air circulation. At this time, the cooling fan needs to be driven by a constant temperature controlled motor, which can only request power from the engine when it needs to be cooled.

3. Heat exchanger cooling system

When the natural water supply is sufficient, heat exchangers can be used, especially in areas with excessive impurities in the air, which can prevent the radiator from being damaged or blocked by debris. In this system, the heat exchanger serves as an intermediate heat exchange device, separating the engine cooling system from the high static head of the split radiator. The engine pump circulates the coolant between the engine and the heat exchanger, while another independent pump circulates the coolant between the split heat exchangers, also known as internal circulation and external circulation. The heat from the external circulation can be cooled through a cooling tower.

(1) Heat exchanger+remote radiator

When the remote heat sink must be installed outside the computer room, it is recommended to add a heat exchanger because there are two independent cycles responsible for heat dissipation, which is a protection for the unit's cooling cycle. The heat exchanger should be equipped with a supplementary water tank, and the circulating water pump should be installed at the lowest point of the system, taking into account the configuration of the backup water pump. The pipeline connecting the radiator and heat exchanger must be made of rust proof materials such as plated steel and aluminum, and soft connections should be used when connecting the unit

(2) Heat exchanger+cooling water tower

When the temperature in the computer room is too high and the ventilation system is not smooth, a cooling water tower can be considered. The working principle of a cooling water tower is similar to that of a remote water tank, but the latter has a fully enclosed circulating water system, and the water in the tower is cooled by outdoor air. Dust and acidic rainwater in the outdoor air can cause pollution to the circulating water in the water tower. Therefore, when using a water tower, attention should be paid to treating the circulating water.

Dingbo Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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