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Troubleshooting Tips For The Most Common Problems Of Generators

Oct. 11, 2021

The generator is very important in the case of long-term power outages. However, just like any other machine, the generator may malfunction and fail to function. In this case, troubleshooting the generator is very important to ensure that the generator runs with high performance.


The following are some common problems that may cause generator failures summarized by Starlight Power.


1. The generator cannot be started: This may be caused by two factors: lack of fuel, lack of fuel or low-quality fuel is usually the reason why the generator set engine cannot be started. Fuel quality is very important to the smooth operation of the generator and should be checked frequently. You should always ensure that water or other contaminants are not in the filtration or delivery system of the fuel oil or the unit. Low battery power, 80% of the generators fail to start due to the unit battery failure. Weak or low-battery batteries are common. Even a well-charged and well-maintained lead-acid battery will degrade over time. You should always ensure that the battery maintains the proper charge, and if it no longer does, you must replace it.


2. Insufficient coolant: When the coolant level is low, the generator may sound an alarm or shut down altogether, this may be caused by a block heater failure. Not all generators are equipped with a device to detect low coolant levels. On the contrary, when the coolant temperature rises, an alarm is issued. When this happens, if the liquid level is low, add more coolant, but if it persists, you may need to check for leaks. Leaks usually originate from block heater hoses, because block heaters generate a lot of heat and make the most contact with the hose, leading to faster wear.


diesel engine

3. Cylinder block heater wear: The task of the cylinder block heater is to heat the coolant, make the coolant circulate in the engine block, and keep the engine block warm to prevent the oil from thickening. Because it runs all day, there is one aspect of wear that affects its function. Although block heaters are commonly used to start engines in cold climates, they are also essential in warm climates because they reduce wear and tear by maintaining a more consistent temperature throughout the cooling system.


4. Leakage: The generator may be affected by oil, fuel or coolant leakage. In newer generators, the most common cause of fuel leakage is insufficient utilization, while in older generators, broken belts are more likely to be related to pipeline leaks or check valves fail to store fuel in the engine. However, in some cases, what appears to be an oil leak is actually the result of engine spray or moisture accumulation. This is the accumulation of unburned fuel, carbon particles, condensate and acid in the exhaust system. When the heater hose is clogged, a legal leak may occur. This can cause extreme temperatures, which can affect the hose. Another common cause of leakage is overfilling the base tank.


5. Not in automatic mode: The generator has a control panel that allows the operator to manage its settings. The panel displays important engine and alternator information. If the machine displays "not in automatic mode" or something like "circuit breaker open" or "emergency stop button activated", it is likely to be switched to "off/reset" mode through the main control switch. To solve this problem, the generator must be physically reset to turn off the alarm.


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