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Treatment Of Common Abnormal Noise Of Diesel Generator Valve Foot

Dec. 01, 2021

Common abnormal noises of diesel generator internal combustion engine valve train include valve foot noise, cam bearing noise, speed-regulating gear noise, valve spring noise, valve seat ring and valve stem abnormal noise, etc. Taking diesel generators as an example, this article introduces the causes of common abnormal noise in the valve train of internal combustion engines, as well as leakage and treatment. The abnormal noise of the valve train of diesel generators and the abnormal noise of the crank mechanism are mostly the same. The biggest difference is that the abnormal noise of the valve train does not change with the change of load. The following is Starlight Power's focus on the reasons and diagnosis methods of diesel generator valve abnormal noise.


Diesel generator valve foot noise refers to the sound produced by the impact of the top of the push rod and the adjustment screw of the rocker arm when they are working. The reasons, characteristics and diagnosis of this phenomenon are as follows:


1. Diesel generator valve train-the phenomenon of valve foot failure.

When the engine is running, there is an obvious "click" metal knocking sound. When running at low speed, the sound is clear and uniform. The higher the speed, the louder the noise, the noise has nothing to do with the temperature change of the engine, stop the gas or adjust the fuel supply time. The sound cannot be eliminated, when the multi-cylinder valve foot is loud, the noise is loud.


2. Diesel generator valve train-the cause of valve foot failure.

The valve body clearance is too large, causing the top of the push rod and the rocker arm adjustment screw to collide and make a sound, when some valve contact ends are worn into a concave shape, it is appropriate to use a thickness gauge to detect the clearance, but the actual clearance is greater than the thickness of the thickness gauge. The rocker arm adjustment screw fixing nut will also cause the gap to be too large.


diesel generator

3. Diesel generator valve train-characteristics and diagnosis of valve foot failure.

The slight sound of the valve foot is allowed to exist. Severe noise (such as too large air gap) will shorten the valve lift and valve opening time and should be adjusted in time. If the valve foot clearance is too large, or the lock nut is loose, you should readjust the valve plate clearance, and then tighten the lock nut. After adjusting the proper valve clearance, if the valve foot still makes abnormal noise, it may be that the valve mechanism is too worn. Find the worn part and replace it with a new one.


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