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Timing And Method Of Grinding Diesel Generator Valves

Sep. 06, 2023

The diesel generator valve has a direct impact on the sealing of the diesel generator and is an important part of the generator set. When is the best time to grind the diesel generator valve?


Opportunity 1: When the valve leaks or has small spots ablated.

Opportunity Two: When replacing valves, valves and valve conduits.


It can be seen from this that in the process of generator maintenance, the grinding of the valve is often encountered. For the maintenance personnel, it is necessary to master the operation skills of this process.


The grinding method of diesel generator valve can be divided into motor grinding and manual grinding. The motor grinding method is mainly used in diesel generator production plants and pyrotechnic repair workshops. There are two reasons for this phenomenon: one is the high price of valve grinding machines, the other is that the number of valves ground by production plants, maintenance machinery factories and overhaul machinery factories is large. Using grinding machines to grind can improve production efficiency, while manual grinding is mainly suitable for minor repair units. Therefore, for general maintenance personnel, it is mainly to master the manual grinding method. There are five steps in the method:


Step 1: Clean the valve, valve seat and breather tube.


Step 2: Apply a layer of fine grit on the slope of the valve (not too much, so as not to flow into the conduit), at the same time, apply lubricant to the door stem, and insert the valve stem into the conduit. Fine sand can be used directly if the valve and seat are polished.


Step 3: Use a rubber bowl to inhale the door head, and then rotate it back and forth for grinding, as shown in figure 4-14(a). If there is no rubber bowl and there is a groove on the top of the valve, you can put one on the valve stem for soft springs, use a screwdriver to grind, as shown in Figure 4-14(b).


Shangchai Power Generator Set

When grinding the valve plate, it should be noted: during the grinding process, the valve should be rotated in one direction, and the valve should be lifted and rotated continuously. The relative position of the valve seat and the valve seat should be changed to ensure uniform grinding, do not use excessive force during grinding. If the valve is too large, do not hit the valve seat with a heavy hammer, the valve surface will be widened or ground into a concave shape.


Step 4: When the working surface of the valve and the working surface of the valve seat are ground flat, and there are no spots or pits in contact with the ring belt, first wash off the coarse sanding, and then replace it with fine sanding.


During the grinding process, pay attention to check the contact with the valve body: if the contact surface is too high, the sand point is on the contact surface, and push the contact surface to the middle. If the contact surface is too low, the sand point is below, and the contact surface is in the middle push, if it touches the middle and basically meets the requirements, you can sand at two points above and below the contact surface, so that the contact surface can be quickly polished. If its width is too narrow, the sand point is in the middle to increase the contact surface.


Step 5: When a closed ring appears on the surface of the valve head, wash off the grinding fine sand, apply lubricant, and continue grinding for a few minutes.


The working width of the valve plate should be implemented in accordance with the original factory regulations, without the original factory regulations, the air inlet is generally between 1.00~2.00mm, and the exhaust valve is between 1.50~2.50mm.


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