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Three Ways To Teach You To Choose Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 10, 2021

Emergency diesel generator sets are mainly used in important places. Usually they are in a shutdown waiting state. Only when the power is cut off instantly after an emergency or accident, the emergency diesel generator set can be quickly restored and extended for a period of power supply time. Generally, it only needs to continue to run for a few hours. So, how should you choose when purchasing emergency diesel generator sets? This article teaches you three ways to quickly select emergency diesel generator sets.


First, first determine the capacity of the emergency diesel generator set

When purchasing an emergency diesel generator set, you must first consider the capacity you need. Then, how to choose the capacity of the generator set to suit you? Here, we must first understand how the capacity of the emergency diesel generator set is determined. The calibrated capacity of the emergency diesel generator set is the 12h calibrated capacity after environmental correction. (It should be noted that due to altitude, atmospheric pressure and air humidity, etc. The capacity of the generator should be able to meet the total calculation load of emergency power, and the generator capacity should be able to meet the requirements of starting a single motor with the largest capacity in the first load. In this way, it is easy to determine yourself The required unit capacity.

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Second, determine how many emergency diesel generator sets to purchase

According to your own needs, determine how many emergency diesel generator sets can provide sufficient power supply in an emergency. At this time, if there are multiple generator sets in standby, generally only one emergency diesel generator set is installed. Considering the reliability, two sets can also be operated in parallel for power supply. Generally, the number of emergency generating sets should not exceed 3. When multiple diesel generators are selected, the unit should try to select complete sets of equipment with the same model and capacity, and similar pressure and speed regulation characteristics, and the nature of the fuel used should be the same for operation, maintenance, and sharing of spare parts. When there are two emergency generating units, the self-starting device should enable the two units to be mutually backup, that is, after the mains power failure and power failure are confirmed after a delay, a self-start command will be issued. If the startup fails, an alarm signal should be issued and the second unit should be automatically started.


Third, select the relevant performance and brand of emergency diesel generator sets.

Diesel generator sets for emergency use should usually be high-speed, pressurized, low fuel consumption, high-reliability, and same-capacity diesel generator sets. High-speed supercharged diesel engines have a large single engine capacity and occupy a small space. Diesel engines are equipped with electronic or hydraulic speed regulation devices, which have better speed regulation performance. The generator should be equipped with a synchronous motor with brushless excitation, which is more reliable in operation, low in failure rate and maintenance. Maintenance is more convenient. At the same time, to choose emergency diesel generator sets, you also need to select the right brand. Jiangsu Starlight Company emergency diesel generator sets are equipped with Yuchai, Shangchai, Weichai, Jichai, Volvo of Sweden, Cummins of the United States and other well-known domestic and foreign Diesel engine brand, the product adopts leading turbocharged intercooling, four-valve and electronic control technology, superior performance, compact layout, accurate and rapid combustion organization, good instant response performance, strong loading capacity, large power reserve, strong power, energy saving and environmental protection , which can provide safe, stable and reliable power protection, is one of the better brands to choose to buy emergency diesel generator sets.


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