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Three Main Principles For Diesel Generator Maintenance

Nov. 12, 2021

Diesel generator maintenance process involves a wide range of content, to a large extent, it is the main basis for formulating maintenance process measures. It is a very important task, which determines the disposal of spare parts, assembly quality, and maintenance cost. The basic principles of diesel generator component inspection are as follows:


Rule 1: Under the prerequisites of ensuring quality, try to save maintenance time, reasonably save raw and auxiliary materials, parts and working time, strengthen utilization, and save costs.


Principle 2: Strictly grasp the technical specifications and regular inspection specifications, and judge the limits of reasonable paragraphs, required regular inspections, and complete scrapping. Taking into account the technical conditions and economic effects, unqualified spare parts shall not be used continuously, and spare parts that do not require regular inspection or scrap shall not be repaired or scrapped.


Rule 3: Make efforts to improve inspection work, eliminate or reduce errors as much as possible, and establish sound and reasonable rules and regulations. According to the requirements of the test objects, especially the accuracy requirements, select the test tools or equipment, and use the correct test methods.


The repair and inspection of diesel generators are divided into pre-repair inspection, post-repair inspection, and assembly inspection. Its main inspection contents are: geometric accuracy of parts, surface quality, physical and mechanical properties of parts, concealment of parts, quality and static balance of parts, material characteristics of parts, the bonding strength of the surface layer raw material and the matrix, the mutual cooperation of the parts, the degree of wear of the parts, and the sealing performance. The classification and content of the inspection are as follows:


diesel generator

1. Check the classification.

(1) After the mechanical equipment is disassembled, perform a pre-repair inspection. For parts that are determined to be repaired, they can be repaired according to the appropriate method of damage and technical requirements, for scrapped parts, the required supplementary quantity is proposed, for parts that are not parts, parts drawings or drawings can be submitted sketch.


(2) Post-repair inspection refers to the inspection of the quality of machine equipment components after processing or repair, whether they meet the specified technical standards, and confirming that they are finished products, scraps or repaired.


(3) Assembly inspection refers to whether the quality of the assembly is qualified and whether it meets the requirements. When assembling, each process should be checked to avoid unqualified intermediate processes, affecting product quality or rework. After assembling, check whether the accumulated error exceeds the technical requirements, and adjust after assembling to ensure the performance inspection such as working accuracy and geometric accuracy. Debugging and operation, etc., to ensure the quality of maintenance.


2. Main inspection contents.

(1) The geometric accuracy of spare parts refers to the mutual position accuracy of the size, shape and surface of the spare parts. In daily life, items such as size, cylindricity, circle, flatness, straightness, coaxiality, parallelism, perpendicularity, runout, etc. are often checked. In view of the maintenance characteristics, sometimes the geometric dimensions of individual parts are not pursued, but relative accuracy is required.


(2) The surface quality of the parts includes the surface roughness of the parts and whether the parts are worn, rusted, cracked, peeled off, burned, or napped.


(3) In addition to the hardness of the parts and the depth of the hardened layer, the physical and mechanical properties of the parts also need to be used during the manufacturing and repair of the parts, such as stress state, equilibrium state, elasticity, stiffness, vibration, etc.


(4) The hidden defects of spare parts include: slag inclusion, pores, looseness, voids, welding and micro-cracks generated during use during the manufacturing process.


(5) The quality of parts and components are balanced with static and dynamic, such as the poor quality of pistons and connecting rod components; static and dynamic balance of high-speed rotating parts such as crankshafts, fans, drive shafts, flywheels, etc.


(6) The performance of the raw materials of the parts, such as the composition of the alloy materials of the parts, the carbon content of the carburized layer, the uniformity of the raw materials of the parts, the graphite precipitation in the cast iron, the aging of the rubber material, etc.


(7) The bonding strength of the surface raw materials and the substrate, such as the bonding strength of the electroplating layer, spray paint, surfacing layer, mechanical fixing connector, bearing alloy and bearing seat, etc.


(8) The coordination of each component, for example: coaxiality, parallelism, meshing state and tight fit, etc.


(9) The degree of wear of spare parts correctly identifies the feasibility of wearing parts, and determines whether they can continue to be used according to the amount of wear.


(10) Such as the sealing test of the cylinder block and cylinder head of the internal combustion engine, check whether there is any leakage.


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